SYT Productions

SYT Productions is the youth theatre’s high profile, high quality performance group. The company continues to identify talented young actors, directors and technicians and to give them the opportunity to further develop their skills through challenging performance and workshop projects. It is made up of senior members of Scottish Youth Theatre who have shown particular skills and talent for performance, production and delivering projects. More recently, the company has held open auditions for specific projects making SYT Productions accessible to other talented young people. The group has devised, developed and performed at many prestigious national and international. SYT Productions has also successfully toured nationally & internationally with a variety of productions.


Being a part of SYT Productions has enabled me to experience all different types of theatre and helped me to realise my skills, push me out of my comfort zone and realise strengths that I didn’t know were in me.

Katee, 18, Midlothian

SYT Productions allows Scottish Youth Theatre to deliver its identified aims:

  • Identifying suitable participants.
  • Providing participants with the opportunity to develop and challenge their skills/talents.
  • Training participants through the performance process.
  • Giving participants the opportunity to showcase their skills on various professional stages throughout Scotland.
  • Affording participants the opportunity of working with leading theatre professionals.
  • Allowing participants to learn, experiment and sometimes fail in a safe working environment.
  • The company acts as a conduit into professional training and the profession.
  • Allows the participants to have fun as they are developing vocational skills.


The personal and professional development of these participants is important to the future of the creative industries in Scotland.  Scottish Youth Theatre is best placed to allow their talents to grow in a safe and professional environment. Such is the demand for this company’s work that its programme of activities has expanded to necessitate the formation of an almost full time resident company.

Past Projects include:

  • Family Storytime (ongoing)
  • The Sky Is Falling (Spring Show 2013)
  • The Weegie Board (Autumn Tour 2013)
  • Now's The Hour (Documentary produced by BBC Knowledge and Learning)
  • Killing Me Softly/Instant
  • Frida & Frosty (Festive Show 2013)
  • Freckleface Strawberry The Musical (Spring Show 2014, Scottish premiere)
  • Now's The Hour (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014)
  • Wild Heather (Festive Show 2014)
  • Whose Shoes? (Festive Show 2015)
  • Forgotten (August 2016)
  • The Tempest (August 2016)
  • The Happiness Formula (August 2017)
  • Dye in the Goldfish Bowl (August 2017)


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