Who We Are & What We Do

Scottish Youth Theatre (SYT) is one of Scotland’s national youth performing arts companies and has been providing theatre arts experiences to young people in Scotland since 1977. The courses, workshops, classes and performances produced by SYT each year involve tens of thousands of young people and the company has created hundreds of successful productions over the last 39 years.

SYT works across Scotland and internationally on projects. It is based in its own purpose built facility in the centre of Glasgow with rehearsal rooms, a dance studio, offices and a studio theatre with backstage facilities.

SYT’s alumni can be found working in all types of professions as well as theatre, film, television and radio. SYT’s famous alumni include Gerard Butler, Colin McCredie, Karen Gillan, Kirstie Steele and Andrew Still. In addition, SYT has several renowned patrons including Billy Boyd, Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, Blythe Duff, Phyllida Law, Elaine C Smith, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson.

The experience I've gained during my gap year has been invaluable and thanks to SYT I now have a much clearer idea about which direction I want my future to head in.

Imogen, 19, Newport, Fife

Vision, Mission and Values

Scottish Youth Theatre’s proposition is to be a theatre “by, for and with young people” with young people at the heart of the artistic proposition. SYT will create aspirational opportunities enabling more young people to engage with relevant, accredited training, high quality experiences and performance opportunities and programmes that will be designed to increase participation in and engagement with youth theatre.

 The vision is for SYT to be nationally and internationally-recognised for making theatre “by, for and with young people”.

SYT’s mission is to achieve this by creating aspirational theatre-making experiences for young people across Scotland that places them at the heart of everything we do.

The vision and mission are underpinned by core values that will be evident across all areas of activity. SYT will be:

• Aspirational – SYT will work with young people to create ambitious, relevant, transformational theatre experiences;

• Accessible – SYT will work hard to reduce inequality and be inclusive and welcoming;

• Collaborative – SYT will work with young people, theatre-makers and artists across Scotland and beyond;

• Excellent – SYT aims to be recognised nationally and internationally for the high quality of every aspect of its work;

• Robust – SYT will ensure the above by having strong governance backed by sound processes to ensure the company’s long-term sustainability.



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