A musical comedy set in the extreme reaches of outer space

Devised and performed by SYT Summer Devising Course 

Wed 25 - Sat 28 July 7:30pm.

Additional 2:30pm performance on Sat 28 July



Directed by Sarah Rose Graber

Assistant Director Kirsty Pickering

Music Director and Sound Designer Ross Somerville

A mission set for outer space is about to depart from earth. Destination – one of the farthest nebulas in the universe. 

The passengers, who have signed up for this once in a lifetime experience, hope to be granted access to the Wishing Star which will make their dreams come true.

But their inter-stellar mission may be doomed before they have even set off as the Wishing Star is dying. The Nebulonians try desperately to fix the problem before the space tourists arrive but it seems a group of space passengers seem to know more than the Nebulonians would like

Love Airlplane? LOL at Galaxy Quest? Get the funnies for Futurama? Then you will LOVE Nebula!

Nebula features music, shadow puppetry and LOL humour from the Summer Devising Theatre participants

Tickets are priced £10 or £6 concession. They can be purchased through the SYT reception 0141 552 3988.

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