October 2017 Theatre Toolbox

Day long workshops during October school holidays

Suitable for ages 8 – 11 (P3 – P7)

Mon 16 - Fri 20 October 2017. 9:30am – 4:30pm

 £30 per day or £125 for whole week


Mon 16 October.  Let's Get Loud (Radio Plays)

A day of silly voices, funny characters and making sure you are heard!

Spend the day creating your very own radio show; try your hand at presenting, creating your own jingles, writing your own radio play or even have a good old sing song if you want!

You will also record your very own radio show which we’ll play to your friends and family at the end of the day sharing

Tue 17 October. Find your silly self (Comedy Acting)

 Everyone has a funny bone – why not learn how to tickle it? 

Join us for an entire day spent discovering everyone's unique sense of humour and learning how to play with our imaginations. We will trip, slip, fall, play games, become funny characters, and get very silly! 

There are no wrong answers in this workshop - only funny ones! 

And at the end of the day, we will introduce your new silly selves to your friends and family, and show some of the most fun comedy bits we’ve created together

Wed 18 October. Animate Me (Photo Collage)

Have fun experimenting with old photos, collage, and live feed video  and projection to make your own live cinema performances. 

This workshop will give you a taste of how you can use simple materials to make fantastical visual effects and hilarious sequences. You will be working alone and in groups to make surreal collaged characters and undiscovered landscapes for their adventures. By bringing in one of your favourite photos, you will even get the chance to make you or one of your family the starring role! 

The workshop will end with a live performance you can invite friends and family to, to premier your masterpieces!

Thu 19 October. Junkyard Orchestra

So to perform in an orchestra you need violins, brass, drums - right? Wrong!

In this day long workshop you will be the orchestra creating a brand new piece of music using professional technology and any makeshift instruments that we find. What that piece of music is? That's down to you!

Fri 20 October. Stories and Character using Costumes and Props

Delve into the costume and props stores at Scottish Youth Theatre and create stories and characters from the items you uncover!  Learn how to create different kinds of characters and how to include them in different stories and situations.  Have a great day and feel more confident in creating fabulous theatre! 

To book for 1 day, multiple days or the whole week click here 

NB: Please bring a packed lunch each day. SYT is a nut free building.

Drop off: Early drop off from 9am & late pick up until 5pm. Any one dropped off before 9am and picked up after 5pm will be unsupervised.  

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