Easter School Holiday Activity

Day-long workshops in Glasgow for children aged 8 - 11

Mon 2 - Fri 6 April 2018 9:30am - 4:30pm

£30 per day or £130 for the whole week

This Easter, have fun learning theatrical skills from highly skilled and passionate professionals 

Participants will work with Director's, Musicians, Actors and Make-up Artists to learn fun skills which they will then share in an informal session at the end of each day.

The workshops are suitable for beginners or previous participants who wish to develop their skills

To book for 1 day, multiple days or the whole week click here

The Greatest Week on Earth

Roll up, roll up - the circus is in town! 

Inspired by The Greatest Showman, all our workshops teach a theatrical skill with a circus theme - are you ready to join the circus?

Date Activity Description
Mon 2 April



Move Like a Circus Family

Everyone has a role in a circus, be it swinging by the ropes or making people laugh, but when we’re all together on stage, we move as one.

In this ensemble movement workshop, we will play, dance, become schools of fish and flocks of birds together, to learn how we all move as a unified group and how each individual can shine within the group.

At the end of the day, we will show our family and friends our very own circus family that moves like a unit with a clear collective mind, making sure to display our fabulous signature moves which we created together throughout the day.  

Tue 3 April Musical Theatre

This is Us

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own special talent; it could be singing and dancing or it could be balancing a mini egg on the end of your
nose! Whatever it is there is no business like show business and this musical theatre workshop will explore the idea of the circus and telling a
story using song and dance.

It’ll be the greatest day on earth!

Wed 4 April Puppet Making

The Greatest Show Puppet
A lion, an elephant or a giant, ten feet tall! This workshop will bring to life any object to make it become what you want. We will learn how to choose an object for its qualities, make it breath, laugh, love and play with other objects through exploring movement, sounds and expressions.

Puppeteering is not about the puppet but about the puppeteer, so learn how to tell stories through animating any object that inspires you.

Thu 5 April Magic

The Marvellous Mysteries of Magic 
Have you ever wondered how magicians make things disappear? How they can read our minds? Or even predict the future? 

For one day only we will teach you magic's greatest secrets. 

In this workshop you will learn about the fundamentals of magic which are used in every trick in the book, including sleight of hand, illusion and mentalism. You will also learn about creative presentation and the key role that it plays in any magical performance.

Be prepared to astound your friends and family at the end of day sharing!

Fri 6 April Costume & Props The Greatest Show
Work with Claire and fellow participants to create “The Greatest Show” in one day! Explore the amazing costumes and props in the SYT stores to help create the most stupendous, awesome and inspiring show the world has ever seen! 


NB: Please bring a packed lunch each day. SYT is a nut free building.

*Drop off: Early drop off from 9am & late pick up until 5pm. Any one dropped off before 9am and picked up after 5pm will be unsupervised.  

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