Secondary 1 - 3

Devising a Story (2hrs)

Use a piece of costume, music and a  prop as a starting point to generate the creative sparks of a story that can develop into an improvisation with structure, character, narrative, and learn how to improve your performance skills.

Curriculum level: Third

Experience: ‘Having developed ideas from a range of stimuli, I can contribute to devising, rehearsing and presenting drama or scripts.’


Power of the Ensemble  (2hrs)

Celebrating the exciting potential for a large group of performers to express a feeling, setting and story, the group will devise a small  ensemble piece of theatre. Experiencing the need to listen, focus and respect fellow performers, participants will learn that everyone needs each other for the piece to work.

Curriculum level: Third

Experience: ‘I can create, develop and sustain a realistic or stylised character through the use of voice,
movement and language.’



Negotiable depending on requirements.


Additional Information

Recommended number in each workshop is 30 young people.

If your group size is over 30, additional staff can be employed for an extra cost.

Each workshop must have a member of staff present throughout workshop.


The workshop was extremely informative and relevant to the age and stage of our pupils.

Teacher, Monifieth High School, Dundee

To enquire or book a Curriculum for Excellence workshop please call 0141 5523988 or email


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