Secondary 4 - 6

Creating Character (2hrs)

Using music and costume to create a character and devise a short monologue that answers the questions of the Who, What, Where, Why and How of this person.

Curriculum level: Fourth

Experience: ‘In response to a variety of stimuli, I can use my understanding of characterisation to create characters using different approaches, making use of voice, movement and language. I can present my work to an audience.'


Acting with a Script (2hrs)

Using a sample of text from Born Bad, a specially commissioned play for Scottish Youth Theatre by Sarah Argent exploring the idea of ‘nature vs nurture’. This moving script charts the path of a troubled girl, the death of a little girl and the community in which they live.

Creatively explore staging, characterisation and direction to gain a fuller understanding of the text. The workshop will develop confidence in physicality, characterisation and voice in performance, thus gaining a fuller understanding of the language used and character motivations.

Curriculum level: Fourth

Experience: ‘I can analyse technical aspects of drama and scripts, make informed judgements and express considered opinions on my own and others’ work.’


Technical Theatre (2hrs)

This fully practical session will allow pupils to operate a portable lighting system and board,  alongside a professional technical stage manager to learn the basics in technical stage management. Giving opportunity to learn skills in designing  and operating lights considering the basics of how to rig, focus, use colour and create effects. In addition the workshop will highlight the important role of stage management throughout rehearsal and the production period. A handout will be provided.

Curriculum level: Fourth

Experience: ‘I can use theatre arts technology to enhance tension, mood and atmosphere in drama work’.



Negotiable depending on requirements.


Additional Information

Recommended number in each workshop is 30 young people

If your group size is over 30, additional staff can be employed for an extra cost

Each workshop must have a member of staff present throughout workshop.


I really enjoyed it and felt I could express myself more!

Kayleigh, 12, Uddingston Grammar School

To enquire or book a Curriculum for Excellence workshop please call 0141 552 3988 or email

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