Barnardo's Film Project

Lights, camera, action!

Kilmarnock teenagers see their film creations on the big screen

In May 2012, teenagers from Kilmarnock attended a film screening of work that they themselves had created. The group from East Ayrshire recently finished working on a collaborative project between Scottish Youth Theatre and Barnardo’s Scotland. The project was funded by the ‘Scottish Government CashBack for Communities Local Youth Work Fund’. 

The project has evolved as time has gone on, however, we always felt it was important to have an official screening of the young peoples’ efforts, so today should be quite special for them.

Mary McCluskey, Artistic Director/CEO, Scottish Youth Theatre

The project consisted of practical drama workshops, writing workshops, film equipment handling skills, filming and editing training, experience through practical sessions and various master classes. Experienced Scottish Youth Theatre Project Director, Steven Leach, facilitated the sessions with the assistance of other free-lance specialists with members of the Barnardo’s team. 

The project was designed to encourage communication, self expression, self discipline, creativity, team building skills and confidence in self and others. The project also promoted self-esteem, self worth, confidence, as well as raising the importance of mental and emotional health.

It was exciting, different and a lot fun working with the participants on this project. Initially, we had thought that the films would be quite conventional in their style but the group generated so many ideas and the finished products are creative and dynamic. The group made three films in total; one is very funny, the other quite serious and the third, quirky.

Steven Leach, Project Director

The original idea for the project stemmed from the two organisations’ mutual respect for the work that they each offer young people; Barnardo’s Scotland, for their reputation for  engaging with young people in their local community and Scottish Youth Theatre, for delivering quality theatre arts experiences without barriers to access. 

The screening took place at the Odeon Kilmarnock, where the venue was  kindly provided free of charge,  enabling the young people in the group to have the chance to see their creations on a full size cinema screen with one of Scotland’s most senior politicians, Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill, in the audience.

These short films are a perfect example of how our massively successful CashBack for Communities programme empowers our young people and helps them make a positive impact on their communities. The young people involved, the Scottish Youth Theatre and Barnardo’s Scotland are all to be congratulated for their roles in creating these films.

Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice

After the success of this project, Scottish Youth Theatre and Barnardo’s hope to work closely together on similar projects in the near future. 

The response was overwhelming. The group consisted of nine core members who attended every session and around a further twelve that came as often as they could. The dedication and ambition (not to mention talent!) of the local young people was nothing short of inspiring.

Sarah Elliot, East Ayrshire Children’s Service Manager, Barnardo’s

The three films created were (follow the links to watch the films on YouTube):

  • Eat More Greens
    Sawney Bean has a problem. He’s a cannibal. Fast food, McDonalds and eating more Greens has an entirely different meaning to this Ayrshire legend.
  • Pals
    Looking at domestic abuse in teenage relationships, this film shows the strength that can be found in opening up and talking to your pals.
  • The Telepathic Purple Monster
    What really goes on in the heads of bullies? Well, there’s a Telepathic Purple Monster in the Woods who just may be able to help with that.
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