Terms and Conditions

The school/group will:
  • Provide a large, safe space suitable for a practical workshop and for the age and number of participants, with enough space for participants to move around safely.
  • Adhere to maximum participant numbers for health and safety reasons.
  • Provide access to workshop space approximately 15 minutes before the workshop and 10 minutes after end of workshop, uninterrupted during the period of the workshop.
  • Provide a register or list of those attending the workshop.
  • Provide information on any participants with additional support needs.
  • Provide a teacher or leader to remain present throughout the workshop.
  • Provide electricity supply available in workshop space, the tutors will bring along PAT tested sound system to play music during workshop if required.
  • Provide evidence of public liability insurance, appropriate and current to the needs of the workshop.
  • Allow photography of workshop for documentation and future promotion of Roadshow and SYT activities. N.B It is the school/group’s responsibility to ensure all participants have photo permission and to inform SYT that this is in place. Please inform SYT if the workshop cannot be photographed.
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