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Pure Potential Scotland are the Wellbeing Specialists for Scottish Youth Theatre. Since the partnership was established in 2019, they have provided workshops on mental health, wellbeing and resilience, as well as 1-2-1 therapeutic sessions for young artists participating in Scottish Youth Theatre's programmes; including National Ensemble2020 StoriesMaking Space and Quaranteen. They are also leading the wellbeing campaign throughout RESURGENCE from March 2021. 

With 20 years experience in wellbeing and suicide intervention, Pure Potential Scotland creatively facilitates positive change through 1-2-1 Therapy and Workshops, CCT Suicide Therapy, Supervision, Movement Medicine and Research and Consultancy. Their work is individually tailored and responsive to the individuals’ wellbeing needs, supporting the transformation of negative and outdated emotional, mental and behavioural patterns. Through this specialised support, individuals gain the means to integrate the body, heart and mind, restoring them to their internal resources and enabling them to be all of who they truly are, reconnecting to others and the world around them. 

All of Pure Potential Scotland's work is trauma informed and all contracted Therapists are registered members of BACP or UKCP and part of the PVG scheme.



If you were to engage in the wellbeing support Pure Potential Scotland provides, you can find out more about their team below:


Carolyn E Wood is the Director and Lead Facilitator & Therapist of Pure Potential Scotland. A cis queer white woman with 20 years of experience working in crisis, mental health and addiction, Carolyn specialises in the area of crisis and suicide intervention. Carolyn uses her lived experience of childhood trauma, addiction and suicidality to empower her to be ‘a companion through the darkness’.

As an Integrative Counselling Therapist and a safeTALK and ASIST Trainer, Carolyn is also the Clinical Supervisor/Consultant for Glasgow Association for Mental Health Community Distress Response Service and Young People Services. Carolyn co-developed a holistic crisis intervention service for Royston Stress Centre in 2004.

Trained in Physical Theatre Practice and passionate about dance, Carolyn is a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher & Facilitator. Carolyn brings movement, the body and heart-connection into her work, supporting others to connect to their own powerful resources for transformation.

Psychotherapist, Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher, Group Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant.

Parveen Betab has over 25 years experience of supporting marginalised and minoritised communities through her work in anti-racism and social inclusion and in her capacity as a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, mental health practitioner and former chair of Lambeth and Southwark Mind.

With a passion for the arts, Parveen was involved in youth theatre and went on to graduate from film school before training as a transpersonal psychotherapist. She currently works for a charity with survivors of domestic and sexual violence using trauma informed, creative approaches to support the healing process.

Scottish Youth Theatre participants recognise the benefits of the wellbeing support they can access through the programmes:


"The therapy sessions that came along with the Scottish Youth Theatre project that I was taking part in made a tremendous change to my thought process and helped me through a tough patch in my life. Leaving this project, I have a new-found determination to look after myself and speak out more; my confidence has skyrocketed, and I feel ready to start a new chapter in my life. I will be forever thankful and will never forget the help that I received."
– Quaranteen Participant, 2020

"The security of the wellbeing support was fantastic in that the certainty that it’s okay to find things hard during the process was completely acknowledged and made the environment so much easier to be productive overall, especially during the month long intensive. This is something that isn’t given enough attention in the majority of companies and workplaces and Scottish Youth Theatre having this for us is one of the major components for me as to why it’s the best youth theatre company in the country. I share a small smile with myself every time I think about how lucky I am to have been part of it."
– National Ensemble Participant, 2019

"Personally, the wellbeing support made a world of difference to me as it is such an intense project that came about around a somewhat stressful time in my life. It was so vital to have a way to take your head out of such an intense period where everything you are doing is show-related for so long."

– National Ensemble Participant, 2019



If you would like to find out more about Pure Potential Scotland and their work, you can look on their website or Facebook page. 

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can get in contact with Carolyn directly via email



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