News: We've received an award from the Scottish Children's Lottery.

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a £41,712 grant from the Scottish Children's Lottery.

The grant from the Scottish Children’s Lottery will allow us to launch a new bursary fund, which will enable disadvantaged children and young people to come together with their peers and experience the benefits of our theatre programme.

As well as covering the cost of assisting young people with additional needs, the fund will help pay for travel and accommodation for those living in more remote parts of Scotland, and open up places on paid courses for young people from low income backgrounds.

Our Chief Executive, Jacky Hardcare said:

“The Scottish Children’s Lottery’s focus on enabling children and young people to access opportunities not readily available to them is a great match with our desire to engage with participants across the country, regardless of their location or circumstances. 

“In addition to providing training for the next generation of theatre makers, our work is equally focused on providing a creative outlet for children and young people to develop and grow. 

“We know that participation in theatre makes a massive contribution to young people’s personal and social development, particularly increasing their confidence - all transferable skills for entering the world of work, regardless of their chosen profession.

“The Scottish Children’s Lottery clearly understands these wide benefits of participating in theatre and we are delighted that we can extend the reach of our work with the support of this grant.”

The Scottish Children's Lottery was launched in October 2016 to raise money for children in Scotland, with proceeds helping to improve the lives of children right across the country and make a real difference to those who need it most.

Hugh Hall, Chairman of the Scottish Children’s Lottery, said:

“The Scottish Children’s Lottery believes that every child and young person in Scotland, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to learn, develop and fulfil their potential. I am delighted that we are able to support the Scottish Youth Theatre and its fantastic efforts to make the benefits of theatre more accessible to Scotland’s young people.” 

The grant is co-funded by Chance to Study and Chance to Succeed, which operate as society lotteries under the Scottish Children’s Lottery. Chance to Succeed supports projects that focus on employability, helping to deliver a productive future for our young people, while Chance to Study funds projects aiming to improve children's education through their school years and into young adulthood. 

If you would like to apply for an assisted place or have any questions about this grant and how it may assist you or your child, then please get in touch or call 0141 552 3988

11th July 2018 By Scottish Youth Theatre

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