We like to talk… in fact, more than that… we like to listen! 

We like to hear what young people have got to say. We like to understand what drives young artists, what skills and experiences they seek and what they want to express to the world. We like to engage in conversation and get excited about making theatre in new ways, in new places and see what’s possible. 

Dialogue is central to how we work; every person we meet has the potential to inspire the next piece of work or company plan and we use all channels available to us to engage in creative exchange.  

This Dialogue space is a shared online space between Scottish Youth Theatre and its community. It hosts a range of different forms of engagement, to inform young theatre makers about the industry, develop their skills and provide a space for conversation and networking. From an ongoing programme of podcasts, blogs and bulletins, to live online sessions with professional practitioners, this forum is for young artists to engage with us as they cultivate their practice and venture into the creative sector.  


Preparing for An Audition

"There are many ways to get auditions and the experience will vary for different people..." Hello! My name is Kristian Lustre. I’m a Filipino-Scottish Actor, currently studying at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Being part of Scottish Youth Theatre for...

A young man with short dark hair sits cross-legged, wearing all black and holding a ball of yellow yarn in his hand. Two young people sit either side of him watching him as he talks.

Young Artist Survey

Take part in our Young Artist Survey and be in with the chance of winning theatre tickets or a retail voucher worth £50!

Over the shoulder of a figure with a script on their lap. They have short dark hair, a gold hoop earring in their left ear, a ring on their left thumb and their legs crossed. They are wearing a white collared shirt and black sweater vest.

Grow Your Emerging Theatre Company

Hear from co-founder of SKELF Theatre Co. Phoebe Byrne about her experience setting up her own theatre company and some of the tricks of the trade she learned along the way...

'NATIONAL ENSEMBLE 2019 ACT OF REPAIR' – A group of performers gather around and look intensely at a young woman crouched on top of a table with her hands up. She is shouting. There are other figures, staging and red and pink lighting in the background.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Hear what Scottish Youth Theatre Patron Alan Cumming has to say about the importance of developing Scotland's next generation of artists and support our fundraising appeal!

In focus, a young person with short hair, glasses and a navy blue shirt stands with a side profile looking downwards. Out of focus, in the foreground, are the back of some other young people in different coloured t-shirts with their arms round one another. A girl with ginger hair is out of focus in the background

Scratching the Surface of a Devising Process

After having a brilliant time working with Aberdeen's exciting young artists, Sally Charlton creates a directory of inspiring companies and the devising techniques she introduced in Shapeshift Aberdeen...

A group of young people all gather on a wooden floor in various positions. Some sit on wooden boxes, some sit crossed legged on the floor, some are standing. All have serious looks on their face. A black curtain is behind them in the background and the scene is awash in a strong pink hue.

Are you an Activist?

Find out the results of our Amplify social media polls and see how our community respond to the idea of being an Activist

In front of a window a group of people hold a sheet of paper in their hands. They are reading aloud from the piece of paper, some looking at the paper, others looking off camera to something. The bright light from the window shines behind them.

A Full Circle Trajectory

"It wasn't long before I noticed a growth in my confidence to take my art practice seriously." Learning about Lily Carmen Smith's journey through our programme and her own career.

A performer dressed in dark blue overalls, a yellow hi vis vest and a hard hat looks away from the camera, pointing their right index finger up towards the sky

Meet the Encounters artists during rehearsal week

During the Rehearsal Week of Encounters, I visited each of the artists that were taking their solo performances on the road. Watch our vlog to hear how they developed their pieces and what has changed since they last worked with us.

'MEET THE ENCOUNTERS ARTISTS DURING REHEARSAL WEEK' – A young performer in a pink, yellow and black striped top stands, holding a microphone in one hand with phone in the other. They look away from the camera. They wear a silver necklace and have dark hair and beard.

Listen to Episode 2 of When Life Gives You Limens!

Gathering with current and past project participants, this podcast discusses their individual and collective experiences, hoping to create a space for them to reflect and offer advice for those also embarking on their own creative journeys.

'LISTEN TO EPISODE 2 OF WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LIMENS!' – A group of 5 young people are all sat cross legged on a wooden floor, gathered around a few scripts on A4 paper. One of them is reading and uses hand gestures. There are multiple figures in the background behind the group, talking to each other.

Check out the first episode of our podcast!

Introducing our new podcast series exploring the ominous ‘in-between’ space that young artists frequently tend to find themselves. Listen as we gather round a 'table' with young creatives to debate the restrictions posed by funding, opportunity and access they have found in their careers so far and how they still make exciting work from it.

'CHECK OUT THE FIRST EPISODE OF OUR PODCAST' – A group of 5 young people gather around 2 different microphones, looking in different directions. They are all smiling or look a bit uncertain.