Listen to Episode 2 of When Life Gives You Limens!

When Life Gives You Limens is an evolving podcast series from Scottish Youth Theatre that explores the ‘in-between’ spaces of artistic practice, especially as early career artists take their first steps into the industry. By gathering with current and past participants of our projects to discuss their individual and collective experiences, this podcast hopes to create a space for them to reflect and offer advice for those also embarking on their own creative careers.

Each episode tackles a new theme of the ‘in-between’, where the artists, producers and theatremakers involved share where they believe barriers still exist and how to overcome them and continue to make exciting work. 

Episode 2 was an insightful conversation with the textLAB artists back in September 2022, on the lead up to their Rehearsed Reading at CCA where they were preparing new scripts to be performed in front of an audience for the first time. We talked about storytelling as a medium; the responsibility of the writer to create and adapt text in response to the world around them; and what role both the performer and the audience play in affecting how a piece of text evolves over time. You can also hear a little from each artist about their short plays and how they each came to develop them over the course of the textLAB programme. 

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We’re keen to keep the dialogue going and hear from you about your own thoughts on Writing and Performing. Tag our socials when you’re listening or write in to let us know what you think the topic of a future episode should be!