‘My dear Cammy, this is the most real experience you’ll ever have. In fact, it’s a matter of life and death.’

A bottle of pills. That is the last thing that Cammy remembers before waking up in the middle of the ocean. She is on a boat that isn’t a boat and there’s a strange echo calling her name. Nothing becomes any clearer as she is joined by a Captain and Engineer who are at loggerheads; one wants to go back to the shore, but the other is determined to push further into the beyond. But which is the right way?

In her new play, former Young Co. member Catriona McNicoll takes her audience on a wild and exciting journey which proves to be as deep and as mysterious as the ocean itself. Adrift will make you wonder if this is all real, or if it’s just inside your head.

Performed by the Citizens Theatre Young Co.
There will be a post show discussion on Wednesday 29 January.

Recommended for 14+

The subject matter centres on suicide.
Support for the issues raised in the play is available from Samaritans:
Call 116 123 24hrs

Mental Health first aiders will be present at each performance.

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