October 2018 Holiday Toolbox

Fun day long workshops for the October School Holidays

For ages 8 - 11

£30 per day or £130 for the whole week (Bursaries available*)

This October, have fun learning theatrical skills from highly skilled and passionate professionals 

Participants will work with Director's, Musicians, Actors and Make-up Artists and then they will then share what they have learned in an informal session at the end of each day.

The workshops are suitable for beginners or previous participants who wish to develop their skills.

Schedule of Activity

Workshops run 10am - 5pm**

dates workshop title description
Mon 15 October

The Soundtrack


This is a day-long devising workshop explores how we use the music we listen to,to make new performance. Participants are asked to bring along their favourite song; this can be pop, musical theatre, or any genre, as long as they love to listen to it!

Throughout the day we will use the music everyone has selected, in order to create new performances entitled The Soundtrack.

This is an exploration into how we find inspiration all around us and how music can help us understand the world we live in. Using a series of devising techniques the participates will develop skills in performing, making and understanding how their own interests might influence what they like to perform.

Tue 16 October

Recycled Puppets


Make your own human size puppet from materials you can find at home to reuse and recycle. Give your puppet a name, an age, find out its loves and hates, make it breathe and make it move. Work as part of a puppet team to create some  puppet adventures and show what your puppet gets up to each day.

Wed 17 October

Playing Shakespeare

Calling all budding actors who would like to experiment and get to know the works of Shakespeare better. This will be big, silly and fun! We will break down the meaning of the words, play with rhythm, voice, movement and a wide range of Shakespeare’s most famous characters!
Thu 18 October

Heroes, Heroines and Villains


This one day introduction to character/stage makeup will include:

  • Planning a makeup for theatre by researching and drawing makeup plans, Introduction to face painting and makeup products and techniques
  • Learning about facial expressions that convey emotions and intent; Looking at how these are conveyed in makeup
  • Focusing on Hero, Heroine and Villain themes in relation to story and character;
  • Drawing practice designs;
  • Creating final design.
Fri 19 October


(Character and Story through Movement)

This workshop demonstrates the basic principle of physical theatre: thinking through the body and creating by observing the world around us. It provides an alternative to Method or Stanislavksy-based approaches, and gives a toolkit for devising and improvisation based on Lecoq based training.

How can we build a character from the outside - in?

The world around us holds endless possibilities to inspire us! 


NB: Please bring a packed lunch each day. SYT is a nut free building.

*If cost is a barrier to registering for these workshops then please get in touch as bursaries are available for participants from low income families. Call 0141 552 3988 or email enquiries@scottishyouththeatre.org

**Drop off: Early drop off from 9am. Any one dropped off before 9am will be unsupervised.  

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