Meet the stars of the Ensemble recruitment campaign

As you may have guessed, we enlisted current members of the 2017 SYT National Ensemble to star in the recruitment campaign for the 2018 Ensemble.

Here is what they have to say about their Ensemble experience....

 What interests you about theatre and performance?
 I find theatre and performance interesting because it allows me to step away from my real life and be anyone I want to be. This might sound cheesy but theatre is my way of expressing myself and showing my true abilities. I also love the adrenaline that you get before a performance and the excitement of working as a team to create something beautiful. 

What have you got out of being part of the Ensemble so far?
Being part of the Ensemble has allowed me to meet an amazing and talented group of young people who like acting and performing as much as me. This has boosted my self-confidence and allowed me to make life-long friendships. I have also had the chance to go out of my comfort zone and practice lifting and devising with the Ensemble and with other theatre companies such as Frantic Assembly. 

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?
As much as I love theatre and performance, I am really looking forward to the acting for screen workshop as I'm hoping to get work on TV and film as well as theatre.

I loved devising our show - Dye in the Goldfish Bowl throughout July and performing the show in August. It was the longest I have been away from home so summer was a great opportunity to experience what university is going to be like. 

Would you recommend people audition for the 2018 Ensemble – if so why?
I would definitely recommend anyone who meets the criteria to audition for the Ensemble. One of the main reasons is because no matter what your physical ability there is really no limits and everyone is included in an equal way. The Ensemble also allows you the chance, especially in the summer, to see what life as a professional actor is really like. If you're still in school and thinking about going to drama school, the Ensemble is a perfect way to see if that is definitely what you want to do. Lastly the Ensemble gives you the chance to develop new relationships with people who all share the same passion for performance.

What interests you about theatre and performance?

  What I love about theatre, and youth theatre in particular, is it's ability to bring people together. Like a wee community that you're part of where you meet people who talk different languages, but when you're all together, it's the same language. And when there's a really strong bond within a group, when you perform together - it's magic. 


What have you got out of being part of the Ensemble so far?


 As a member of the Ensemble, it's been challenging, but it's also really given me the courage to explore and play and be expressive in a new way, enabled by the really supportive environment we're in when we meet for training weekends.


What have your particularly enjoyed during your Ensemble journey?


I was really looking forward to making a show over the summer with the Ensemble. I've made shows previously, and each one has a totally individual process, learning curve, and final result. Especially because of the site specific nature of this show, I'm was really intrigued to see where we went from the work we had made and the themes explored previously at the development weekends


We meet in different places throughout the year too, which really helps to keep things fresh and really energised, and it's always cool to be in a new space in a new city - it can sort of influence your approach to things and the way we work. 




Would you recommend that people audition for the 2018 Ensemble?


Completely yes. 

It's pushed and pulled me out of my comfort zone. I've had to adapt to new ways of working, and get comfortable in a large group of people, and work with new concepts, limitations and spaces. It's a huge learning journey, but one which has given me the courage to have faith in myself. I can do this. And what I can't do now, I will be supported to achieve. Do it!

What interests you about theatre and performance?

My primary interest is musical theatre, but with regards to theatre and performance on a broader scale, I am interested in exploring how people engage with and respond to art. To that end, I enjoy learning about all manner of theatrical styles so that I can perform in various productions that resonate with people emotionally in different ways. I believe that, after a performance, both performers and audience members alike should ask themselves "How did that make me feel?"

What have you got out of being part of the Ensemble so far?

 The thing that is most apparent to me is the dedication and passion of each and every one of its members. We all come from different backgrounds both socially and artistically, but no-one shys away from anything or tries to stick to what they are most comfortable and familiar with. In terms of what I have got from this, it's security and safety: we are all willing and excited to explore new areas and be bold with our creativity. As someone who is usually reluctant to show off something that is not completely finished or one hundred percent rehearsed, it's a great feeling to have trust in the other members to take what is created in an eight hour workshop as a stripped down exploration of techniques and ideas rather than a full-scale production. That production will come, but the development weekends we have had so far have been excellent opportunities for us to get to know each other and work as a dynamic group of creators and performers.


What have your particularly enjoyed during your Ensemble journey?

Working with professional companies like Frantic Assembly (with whom we had a development weekend). Having the opportunity to work with professionals who are currently active within the industry is very exciting and the skills and experience we will gain from them will be invaluable in the future.


Would you recommend that people audition for 2018 Ensemble?

I would absolutely recommend anyone and everyone who is thinking of applying to the 2018 Ensemble to do so. The opportunity to work with like-minded peers and with professionals is not one to be passed up. Scottish Youth Theatre cares about giving those with talent and drive the skills and knowledge they'll need to become versatile, accomplished performers. Working with them is an opportunity you should definitely not miss out on.

What interests you about theatre and performance?

 I love the escapism that comes with theatre, either watching a piece of theatre and being transported to another world or experiencing this on a personal level through characterisation. 

What have you got out of being part of the Ensemble so far?

I've had the experience of working in a large group of people with different ages and past experience in theatre and performance. Particularly through movement so far, having the ability to take a small stimulus and making it into a piece of theatre that could be performed in front of an audience. Doing this in various ways such as individually, with the whole Ensemble, in smaller groups and using sound and having no sound.

Would you recommend people audition for the 2018 Ensemble – if so why?

Of course! It opens up your horizons to different areas of theatre you might not have explored before. The opportunity to work with different actors across the country and being taught by professional theatre makers is something that I will always remember. The advice and techniques we have been taught have influenced the way I look at theatre.    

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