Phone Call to the World


PHONE CALL TO THE WORLD was one of 17 global projects commissioned by the British Council that explored climate change and environmental crises through art, science and digital technology.


Groups of young people from three continents engaged with climate change issues that impact them at a local level, coming together to consider the wider global climate challenge. Using the simple holding framework of Phone Call to the World, young people from across Scotland, South Africa, Palestine, England and India created digital performance work that informs, questions, confronts and make demands of its many audiences to make a difference to one of the most pressing issues of our time.

To learn more about the project, engage with the Phone Call to the World Resources Library and connect with the work made by young people from across the world, please visit the project website:




Working in partnership with Scottish Youth Theatre:

Al-Harah Theater is a Not-for-Profit Cultural Organisation based in Beit-Jala in Palestine, established in 2005. Al-Harah Theater has been committed to building and maintaining a civil society that emphasises human rights, democracy and freedom of expression through working directly with children, youth and older age groups. Through performances, festivals, training programmes and cultural projects, Al-Harah Theater has been able to engage the local community in Palestine, reaching out to marginalised areas and gazing towards international communities in different countries – building partnerships to develop its own work and the performing arts sector in Palestine. 

ARROWSA (Art a Resource for Reconciliation Over the World South Africa) is a registered voluntary non-profit organisation (Reg 088-058 NPO) based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. ARROWSA focuses on sustainable arts, culture and heritage projects/programmes, performances and events that engage youth in face-to-face or online engagement. These projects, performances and events take place locally, nationally, Africa-wide, and internationally. They make use of arts, culture and heritage for personal and social change. ARROWSA ensures sustainable growth and quality in the programmes and projects by engaging in participatory, action-based research conducted within the organisation or in partnership with tertiary institutions.

Explorathon is Scotland’s participation in European Researchers’ Night, Europe’s largest public engagement with research event. A consortium of Scottish Universities coordinate an exciting programme of events bringing research to life across Scotland and showcasing research and researchers to a range of audiences.

Gorse Hill Studios Creative Community (GHSCC) is an ambitious and creative youth charity, who believe that all young people must have the right social, emotional and educational investment in their future. It works with young people by engaging them through the arts, music and alternative arts accreditations, encouraging them to value themselves by taking an active role in their learning and education. GHSCC support them with building achievable aspirational pathways for their futures.

South Roots International (SRI) is a nonprofit company working in previously marginalised communities of the Western Cape in South Africa. They address social injustices of the past and use cultural performing arts for social transformation and reconciliation.

Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) is an inclusive non-profit organisation with decades of experience and a track record of transforming the lives of millions of children, particularly those of girls and young women. SHEF’s interventions focus on community engagement and norm change, influencing government systems to be more equitable and running a network of model schools and outreach programs in rural and urban India. Our uniqueness and merit lie in our egalitarian inclusiveness and our holistic, social justice-focused approach to directly address the patriarchal system in India.


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Phone Call to the World Scotland projects are supported by National Lottery Community Fund

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