When Life Gives You Limens

A podcast discussing the 'in-betweens' of artistic practice.  

When Life Gives You Limens is a newly developed podcast series exploring the often ominous 'in-between' space in artistic practice that young artists frequently tend to find themselves. Establishing your practice in the industry is an increasingly demanding challenge due to the restrictions posed by funding, opportunity, access and space. This podcast helps create that space, offering the chance for current and past project participants to gather and evaluate the recurring entanglements between their life and artistic practice. Each episode encounters a new theme within this liminal space – Emerging vs Professional, Physical vs Digital, Writing vs Performing, Urban vs Rural – probing an open discussion between artists, designers, writers and theatre-makers about what that state of 'in-between' is, where obstacles may lie and, ultimately, how new and exciting work can be produced from it. 


Episode 1 in the series questioned the space between Emerging and Professional Practice – is this gap experience or CV dependent, how may it be affected by access and where does responsibility lie with opportunity-making? The episode's feature guests were Trajectories artists Bethan Murray, Iman Akhtar, Julia Hegele, Lily Carmen Smith and Michael Phillips. 

To listen, head over to our podcast site: https://scottishyouththeatre.buzzsprout.com/ 

Alternatively, stream it directly via all major podcast platforms and directories: Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts and Spotify.


Episode 2 encounters the gap between Writing and Performing – how may a piece of writing form based on current world concerns, and how may the performance of this change its meaning over time? The episode will be available to stream soon! 











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