National Ensemble 2019

National Ensemble 2019 - Act of Repair

Nearly everyone has signed up to apps, social media and search engines. They ask us to agree to the terms and conditions – a wee box that most of us tick without even reading the T&Cs. We all know that the companies are using our data - but so what? 
Act of Repair explores the so what.

Act of Repair was a brand-new piece of political theatre devised by the National Ensemble. The process began with conversations about Brexit and moved on to concerns about emerging forms of capitalism and the technological forces at work around us, on us, in us.


Performed, devised and written by the Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble 2019.

Directed by Brian Ferguson

Designed by Jen McGinley

"Bravo to the Scottish Youth Theatre for bending their creative genius to one of the greatest challenges of our time: an unprecedented surveillance economy that threatens freedom and democracy. Let it be known that a new youth vanguard is ready to think critically, to bear witness, and, ultimately, to say ‘NO MORE!’"
— Shoshana Zuboff, Author, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism


Emma Thompson

Board Members
Susie Fraser
Craig Steele

Former board members
Margaret Hearne
Harry Warnock
Alan Black
John Scott Moncrieff
Ronald Sigleton

Regular donors
Dr William B Doig
Ruari McNeil
Stephen MacBride
Jim Thomson
Appeal donors
Shirley Cowan
Martin Brunton
Blair Davie
Felix Howie
Dr Marianna Preti
Nicola Fitzhenry
Callum Hutchison
Doborah AT Akintoye
Bola Akintoya 
Lauren Flanerty
Janie Blyth
Michael Grant

Staff members
Jacky Hardacre – CEO
Giampiero Giacomel – Fundraising Manager

Trusts and Foundations
Mackintosh Foundation
Souter Charitable Trust
Christina Mary Hendrie Trust 
Hugh Fraser Foundation
Holyrood Trust

Act of Repair was toured nationally thanks to support from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund.

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