Making Space Dundee

Presented by Scottish Youth Theatre and Dundee Rep Theatre

Offering emerging theatre makers the space and support to create new performance

Making Space is a residency programme supporting young artists aged 18 – 25 from across art-forms who want to develop their own theatre performance. The Making Space residency offers time, space and guidance, leading up to a work-in-progress presentation at Dundee Rep Theatre.

From Jan - Mar 2019, lead artist Drew Taylor worked with 6 individuals / collectives in Dundee and Glasgow to develop their own pieces which which were staged as a work in progress performance at Rep Stripped in Dundee in April 2019.

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The following participants were based at Dundee Rep and developed their pieces there.

Mark Hannah

Mark is a writer and actor who was born in Edinburgh and now living in Mid-Lothian. For Making Space, he created a performance centred around Scotland, Scandinavia and the oil industry.

Niamh O’Loughlin

Niamh is a Dance Artist originally from Dublin, Ireland and currently based in Dundee. During Making Space she developed an interactive dance theatre show about giants and shared legends between Scotland and Ireland.


Mirain Fflur

Mirain is originally from Wales. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2015 she has shared her time between Wales and Dundee. Society and culture are the main inspirations for her work, with a strong belief in making art for social justice.



The following participants were based at Scottish Youth Theatre's venue in Glasgow and developed their pieces there.

Jordy Deelight

Jordy is an Edinburgh based artist who specialises in contemporary work/queer art. He developed a performance piece focusing on lung transplants and the journey through it.


Annaliese Broughton

Annaliese Broughton is a theatre-maker from Ayr. Her performance seeked to confront issues relating to mental health, femininity and celebrity culture by poetically experimenting with moments from her personal life and the myths that surround an icon.

Andrew McLeish, Kirsten Hutchison and Mitchell Robertson

Andrew, Kirsten and Mitchell are a group of Acting and Performance students, from the Southside of Glasgow and Cumbernauld. They have a strong interest in making thought-provoking theatre that challenges ideas. 


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