National Ensemble 2020

Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble 2020


This rendition of National Ensemble focused on climate justice, with a new production entitled Once You See the Smoke. The production was intended to tour throughout Scotland in July 2020, but in light of COVID-19 in was reimagined as a radical digital performance. Read more about the new production here.

The 20 inspiring, emerging theatre makers that participated in National Ensemble 2020 were: 


Abby Ferguson

Ava Hickey

Bailey McDermott

Bronwyn Dickson

Calum Philp

Chelsea Grace

Christina Craven

Esther Steed

Gemma Legan

Gregor MacRae

Gregor Kennedy

Hannah Nimmo

James Lyon

Kristian Lustre

Leon Ellis

Rebecca Tierney

Sean Patrick McNamara

Sophie Keenan

Victoria Kennedy

William Byam Shaw




Directed by Melanie Jordan

We were also delighted that the 2020 National Ensemble were led through the devising process by director Melanie Jordan.

Melanie is a Gaulier-trained director and theatre artist based in Glasgow, whose work has toured throughout Scotland and internationally. She is Physical Theatre Practitioner with Surge, and co-Artistic Director of feminist theatre company Jordan & Skinner, who have created several critically-acclaimed productions including SanitiseAt A Stretch and A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego. Jordan & Skinner are recent fellows with Barbican London and ArtWorks Alliance, investigating the relationship between activism and art. Melanie creates provocative physical performance in theatres and on the streets that exposes our shared humanity with curiosity and humour. Read more about her work here.



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