RESURGENCE: This Is a Public Inquiry


RESURGENCE is a Scottish and international creative inquiry into the public concern of inequality, to support the recovery and renewal of youth arts provision as it emerges from the confines of 2020. 

Spearheaded by three Revolution Collectives of young artists and one Evolution Collective of creative professionals, RESURGENCE will gather evidence, give testimony and make recommendations in artistic form, for greater equity in the arts and wider society. 

Working in partnership with Intercultural Youth Scotland, Pure Potential Scotland, International Teaching Artist Collaborative, The Indra Congress and Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, RESURGENCE is layered with artistic opportunity, learning and training, international collaboration and public platforms for the growth and transformation of the sector.  

Activities will take place in the Spring and Summer of 2021, using a combination of online and in-person delivery where possible (in line with and able to respond to changing COVID-19 government guidelines). 

Applications to join one of three Revolution Collectives of young artists are now open! These collectives will gather online weekly throughout the course of the project to create proposals or manifestos in artistic form. You can find out more about the Revolution Collectives' goals, key dates and the resilience and wellbeing support we provide via the Revolution webpage

Deadline for applications: 04/04/21

You can also read more about our partners and their work with young people:




Intercultural Youth Scotland encourage a collective action of less heard intercultural voices in Scotland, creating social impact and justice. They broaden horizons and offer direct, specialist support and vital pathways for Scottish intercultural young people who face barriers to success. 

Pure Potential Scotland are the Wellbeing Specialists for Scottish Youth Theatre. Since the partnership was established in 2019, they have provided workshops on mental health, wellbeing and resilience, as well as 1-2-1 therapeutic sessions for young artists participating in Scottish Youth Theatre's programmes.

With 20 years experience in wellbeing and suicide intervention, Pure Potential Scotland creatively facilitates positive change through 1-2-1 Therapy and Workshops, CCT Suicide Therapy, Supervision, Movement Medicine and Research and Consultancy. Their work is individually tailored and responsive to the individuals’ wellbeing needs, supporting the transformation of negative and outdated emotional, mental and behavioural patterns. Through this specialised support, individuals gain the means to integrate the body, heart and mind, restoring them to their internal resources and enabling them to be all of who they truly are, reconnecting to others and the world around them. 

Read more about Pure Potential Scotland and their partnership with Scottish Youth Theatre here

The International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC) is the first worldwide network of artists who work in community and educational settings. Through international conferences, projects, and social media, this Collaborative builds a global community, cultivating excellence in teaching artistry. The ITAC Collaborative creates connectivity, visibility, stature, support, and value for participatory artistic practice across the world.

ITAC practice is known by different names in different countries (teaching artist, socially engaged artist, participatory artist etc.) but always centres on artists participating directly with non-artists to activate their innate creative potential. This accomplishes many goals: from making communities more liveable to boosting school achievement, from increasing health outcomes to addressing intractable social and organisational problems. ITAC brings together practitioners from all over the world to meet, discuss and evolve our practice. 

The ITAC vision is a world where every country has artists working in the heart of communities and schools, where these artists are continually improving, internationally connected, and well supported, and where the transformative power of teaching artistry is visible and valued.

The Indra Congress mission is to empower young people to use the creative arts in order to make changes in the world. Over the past 15 years, inspired by the image of Indra’s net – a powerful metaphor for mutuality and interdependence – they have developed a network of young people, artists, academics, educators and others around the world who share a commitment to developing the arts as a vital resource to help young people build personal resilience and effect change in their societies.

The Indra Congress currently has partners across the UK in Plymouth, Burnley, Rochdale, Trafford (Manchester), Cornwall and Derry. Internationally Indra has partners in Palestine, South Africa, Sierra Leone, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Greece, Tunisia, Canada and Malta.



Youth Theatre Arts Scotland is the national development body for the youth theatre sector in Scotland. They encourage ambition, innovation and progression for practitioners who use drama and performance in their work with young people, supporting inspiring experiences for young people by connecting and training those who work with them.


RESURGENCE is supported by Creative Scotland's Youth Arts Targeted Fund.

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