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About the project  

RESURGENCE is a Scottish and international creative inquiry into the public concern of inequality, to support the recovery and renewal of youth arts provision as it emerges from the confines of 2020.  

Spearheaded by three Revolution Collectives of young people and one Evolution Collective of creative professionals, the foundations of RESURGENCE are rooted in anti-racism and activism, emotional health and wellbeing, equity and social justice. This is an intersectional collaboration. 

Revolution Collectives

Each Revolution Collective met online on a weekly basis between April – August 2021, alongside a Creative Collaborator and Trainee Arts Leader, to gather evidence, give testimony and make recommendations in artistic form, for greater equity in the arts and wider society. The goal of each Revolution Collective was to produce creative expressions, shaped collaboratively through the inquiry process.


The RESURGENCE site has now launched. To view the multiple works designed and made by the Revolution Collectives of young artists, please visit



Meet the Project Team 

Creative Collaborators:

Beth is a visual artist born in Nottingham, working and living in Glasgow. She works predominantly in abstract painting, drawing, printmaking and installation and her practice often includes participation and collaboration. In 2018 she collaborated with artist Alys Own and young people to cover Glasgow's subway network in abstract works on the walls, floors and advertising spaces in a project called LOOP.

For more information on Beth’s work please go to:














David is Head of Media & Communications at Intercultural Youth Scotland (IYS) and works with young people to realise and reach positive destinations. At IYS David uses a holistic approach rooted in anti-oppression to consider the intersectionalities of young people and the accompanied and specific needs they may have. They also work specifically towards providing creative futures for young artists by providing support through digital access, free studio provisions and opportunities for media involvement and performance.  

After graduating from his Genetics degree at University of Glasgow David began working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker in Glasgow. Most of his work focuses on conveying emotion and atmosphere with a sub-focus on musing on Black subjects and Black male-hood. This work led him into his current practice at IYS and was his first step into considering art as a form of activism, or a source of self-discovery. 

Fin is the co-founder of Island Life Productions, an arts production company working with emerging artists and members of the public to create high quality art. He completed his BA in Drama, Applied Theatre & Education from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Following a year working at Chichester Festival Theatre as the theatre's Education Assistant, Fin moved up to Edinburgh where he produced podcast series Passport People and Welcome to the Quids Inn and interactive audio adventure The Blindfold as part of his company’s activity. Fin is also a freelance workshop facilitator for many organisations including Edinburgh City Council, LYRA & Strange Town. As an alumnus of Scottish Youth Theatre’s Edinburgh sessions, Fin is passionate about the role that the organisation can play in working with creatives nationwide and has already worked on this as a Young Producer of the recent Making Space Festival.

For more on Fin’s work and Island Life Productions please go to: 

Trainee Arts Leaders:

Andrew Gallagher is an actor, writer and disability/autism advocate. He graduated with an BA in Drama and Performance from Inverness College UHI. Based in Inverness, he travels around the country adding his oddball charm to a variety of projects. Performance credits include Hacks for the Future  with National Theatre's Future Proof Festival and Act of Repair  with Scottish Youth Theatre. Writing credits include 2020 Stories Part Two  with Scottish Youth Theatre and the Traverse Young Writers Group 2021.
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Esla is a Creative Assistant at Intercultural Youth Scotland. He supports the Creative Department to achieve and showcase the values of IYS from a creative point of view, through high-quality production levels, and to improve the influence and reach of IYS’ programmes and projects. He is a recent graduate of IT Management from Edinburgh Napier University.  He has a passion for digital tech which he uses as an avenue for activism, for instance through social media campaigns.  

Currently Esla coordinates the production of a radio show Sounds and Culture that aims to showcase musical talent and culturally engaging conversations with Scotland’s BPoC communities.  

Esla considers working with young people, especially on projects that aim to improve racial equality in the creative industries, as an amazing opportunity to provide solutions from a different perspective and learn new ways of activism through young creatives experiencing similar struggles in the society. 

Hannah is a Glasgow based Scottish/Bahraini performer, theatre creative, arts consultant and writer. She graduated in 2017 with a BA Honours in Theatre Studies and Literature from The University of Kent. Since then she has gone to work with: Graeae, Ramps on The Moon and Birds of Paradise. She has also toured both England and Scotland as a performer in shows that she has had a hand in devising. She is passionate about work that explores the multiple intersections of identity. 

Indra is an emerging Glasgow-based artist working across contemporary performance lines, live art, comedy, and dance. Her artistic practice focuses upon assembling positive change and starting discussions regarding inequality. She trusts that art and performances are tools to provoke active change within society. Indra is currently working on a research project called The Reclaim Me Project. The project is assembled for women with breast cancer to have a space to reclaim their bodies without the male gaze or the medical gaze.  

Indra is also an experienced drama facilitator who has works across a range of contexts. Indra will be graduating with a BA Honours in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has worked with a range of organisations, including Platform Theatre company, The Workroom, The Stove Network, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, The Harris Museum and The Carnegie Trust.  

Myfanwy is a queer, chronically ill performer and creative based in Caithness. They have a wealth of experience in youth theatre, having worked on productions with National Theatre of Scotland, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Scottish Youth Theatre, Eden Court Collective and National Theatre of Târgu Mureș, Romania. They studied HNC Acting & Performance at Inverness College and HND Acting & Performance at Performance Arts Studio Scotland. They appeared in the film Anna and the Apocalypse, are currently a company member with Sanctuary Queer Arts and have a Drag persona called Richard Hascock.  

As well as acting they write music and lyrics, play ukulele and guitar, and have ABRSM qualifications in Singing. They aim to use the creative arts to challenge inequalities and create safe spaces for those that experience discrimination.  




RESURGENCE is supported by Creative Scotland's Youth Arts Targeted Fund.

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