Trajectories End Event



The Trajectories End Event was an evening of live performances, installations and interactive experiences exploring belonging, place and Glasgow. Based at Civic House for 10 weeks, the 5 young artists collaborated and devised original work that responded to site, space and their stories within it.



A collective statement from the artists:

"From prisons and playgrounds to galleries, from the torment of our minds to the feeling of laughter, we are bonded to each other by experience, place and the urge to belong. But belonging isn’t simply the act of habitation. It’s putting your hands in history, smiling at strangers, stepping over shattered bottles and viewing different prisms of experience.

Glasgow is an oasis of affinity. Glasgow is a place of bitter history and gatekept resource. We acknowledge both with critiques born of love. This process has, like this city, honed what we value and developed our capacities to create. We are invigilators, watchers, entertainers and guides. We welcome you, like this city has welcomed us."



























































































Alongside the photos, there is also a series of films from the event on our YouTube channel. If you didn't make it along on the day, or simply want to experience the performances again, witness it as if it's your first time. Alternatively, find out more about the programme and the artists involved on the Trajectories page

Photography by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.
Filming and editing by Fraser Scott.









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