October-November 2020
14-25 years


We are acutely aware of the challenges currently facing our sector and understand that many young artists are questioning pursuit of a career in the arts as a viable option. Generator seeks to offer optimism and connection, asking what is the new theatre world you want to make? 

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening between 19 October and 25 November, young artists were invited to engage in creative conversations to learn, unlearn, discuss and create new ways of thinking and working in their arts practice. Led by industry professionals across three key strands - Toolkit, Allyship and Intersections - these workshops and panel discussions explored anti-racism, feminist futures, queerness, accessibility, fundraising, producing and digital theatre.


See a schedule of the Generator Sessions as they happened below:

Session Facilitator/Partner

Scottish and Working Class

Heather Marshall, Freelance
20 October 2020
A safe space exclusively for artists 14-25 who identify as working class. Artist Heather Marshall shares her journey and leads discussion.

Theatre in Scotland

Gareth Nicholls, Traverse Theatre
21 October 2020
Gareth Nicholls, co-Artistic Director of the Traverse Theatre, answers questions about the Scottish theatre sector. All 14-25s welcome.

Queer Approaches

Leonie Rae Gasson, Freelance
26 October 2020
Leonie Rae Gasson explores LGBTQIA+ access, inclusivity, and positivity in theatre spaces for all emerging artists aged 14-25s in Scotland.

What is Producing

Karen Allan, National Theatre of Scotland
28 October 2020
Karen Allan (National Theatre of Scotland) shares her practice and answers questions about all things producing. All 14-25s welcome.

Make It Accessible

in association with Birds Of Paradise Theatre
2 November
BOP young artists deliver training and lead discussion around making your theatre practice accessible to disabled collaborators and audiences.

Scottish and Global Majority

Miss Jay Woods, Freelance
3 November 2020
A closed safe space for global majority young artists to share their experiences and identify how Scottish Youth Theatre and the wider industry can better serve them.

Defining Your Practice

Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir, Freelance
4 November 2020
What do you do? Why do you do it? What do you believe in? Freelance artist Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir explores defining your work and communicating it to others.

Feminist Futures

Lou Brodie, Freelance
Briana Pegado, Creative Edinburgh
9 November 2020
In this panel discussion, Lou Brodie and Briana Pegado will share their experiences of intersectional Feminism in theatre and the creative industries, and ask what the future holds.

Scottish and Neurodivergent

Aby Watson, Freelance
10 November 2020
Aby Watson - founder of the Scottish Neurodiverse Performers Network - holds a closed, safe space for young neurodiverse theatremakers to explore their experiences.

Creative Scotland Funding

Sarah McAdam, Creative Scotland
11 November 2020
Sarah McAdam offers an introduction to the Nurturing Talent Fund and Open Fund: how CS funding works, what CS want to know about your work and some FAQs.

Ecological Practice

Sarah Hopfinger, Freelance
16 November 2020
Artist and researched Dr Sarah Hopfinger shares how her performance practice intersects with ecological thinking and explores more ethical ways of living.

Scottish and Queer

Ryan Hay, Scottish Youth Theatre
17 November 2020
In this safe, closed space, young LGBTQIA+ artists will be given the opportunity to share their experiences and to imagine new ways that theatre might be an affirming, liberating space.

Making Digital Theatre

Melanie Jordan, Freelance
18 November 2020
Digital is here to stay. National Ensemble director Melanie Jordan shares her journey taking her practice into the digital realm, exploring the challenges and joys.

An Anti-Racism Workshop

Miss Jay Woods, Freelance
23 November 2020
Miss Jay Woods offers an introduction to anti-racist thinking and practice for emerging artists 14-25 in Scotland.

Scottish & D/deaf

Jenny Sealey, Graeae
in association with Solar Bear
24 November 2020
Jenny Sealey (Graeae Artistic Director) holds this closed safe space for young deaf artists to share their experiences and learn from her journey.

An Actor's Journey
Shauna MacDonald, Freelance
25 November 2020
Shauna MacDonald shares her professional journey as an actor and answers any questions.

Jobs in Theatre

Niroshini Thambar, Freelance
Sandy Thomson, Poorboy 
25 November 2020
Composer/Sound Designer Niroshini Thambar and Writer/Director Sandy Thomson speak on this panel exploring different careers and professional journeys in theatre.



Generator is supported by CMS Charitable Trust and Creative Scotland.


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