Bursary Scheme


At Scottish Youth Theatre we are keen to ensure that, wherever possible, young people are not prevented from taking part in our activities due to financial circumstances.

SYT offers bursary support to contribute to different kinds of costs. Amounts granted will depend on the level of funds available in the bursary pot year on year.

You can apply for a bursary by completing an application form online or you can request a word version or paper copy. Included in the application is a section where you can tell us why you need support, including relevant details of your domestic/financial circumstances.

To support your application, we may require you to provide a reference from a professional who can verify your circumstances.  Examples – a health professional, a teacher, a social worker. We may contact them directly through the decision-making process. This allows us to gather evidence that ensures that financial support is given to those who need it most.

The award of bursaries is discretionary and will be considered on a case by case basis, taking individual circumstances into account and the level of funding available.

What costs do bursaries support?

  • Bursaries can contribute to the costs of travelling to and from an SYT activity (not applicable for weekly workshops)

  • Participants who live a long distance from the location of the activity can also apply for the costs of renting accommodation if they have to stay away from their usual place of residence, up to a maximum of £25 per night per person (not applicable for weekly workshops)

  • Bursaries can support the cost of additional support required to help a child or young person participate e.g. support worker, interpreter

  • For activities where fees are charged, these costs can be covered by bursaries


What costs do bursaries not support?

  • Bursaries cannot be granted for the cost of food while participating in an SYT activity

  • Your usual living costs at your normal place of residence (e.g. rent or bills) cannot be supported

  • The bursary will not ordinarily cover the cost of a parent’s or carer’s travel or accommodation costs unless they are required for a medical or specific additional support need


All information provided will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of assessing the application. View SYT’s Privacy Statement here.



If you are the parent or carer of the participant, click here to apply for a bursary.

If you are the participant, click here to apply for a bursary.


SYT would like to thank the Scottish Children's Lottery for their support of our bursary scheme.

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