Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Scottish Youth Theatre classes and courses.

We require participants and/or their guardians to read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions, as you will be asked to state that you have done so when completing your booking form.

Booking process
  • To book a place in Scottish Youth Theatre classes and/or courses, please complete and return a booking  form together with the appropriate fee for your chosen activity.
  • Please note that places on Scottish Youth Theatre classes and courses are allocated on a first come first serve basis, on receipt of fee payment and booking form.
  • All booking  forms must be authorised by a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre offers Family Discounts if there are two or more siblings attending classes. Please note that the first child pays in full and any additional sibling receives a 10% discount.
  • In the event of a class/course being fully booked when we receive your booking form, Scottish Youth Theatre will endeavour to allocate and alternative space in a class/course suitable to the participants age. If this is not possible we will return or refund any fees paid.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre reserve the right to cancel any class.
  • Occasionally, Scottish Youth Theatre may need to change the venue for classes/courses. In this instance we will let participants and parents/guardians know in advance.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre reserve the right to change advertised staff and content, and the running of all classes/courses is subject to adequate participant numbers.
  • A minimum payment of 50% of fees due must be made upon booking. Booking forms which are not accompanied by a payment cannot be processed.
  • Even if you choose to pay in two parts you are still liable to pay for the full term/course. 
  • All future installments must be paid on the due date.
  • All absence from classes/courses must be paid for whether authorised or unauthorised.
  • No discounts or refunds will be given if you withdraw early. You will still be liable to pay in full.
  • All online payments are subject to a £1 charge. 


Keeping in contact/Data protection
  • Scottish Youth Theatre would like to keep in contact with you on a regular basis to provide you with information relating to classes, courses, casting opportunities, events and projects that we think might be of interest.
  • Our preferred method of contact is via email because it is much faster, more environmentally friendly and more reliable than post. If you prefer that we post such information to you, please note that we cannot guarantee its receipt and that it will result in you receiving reduced and/or delayed information.
Medical conditions and additional support
  • Scottish Youth Theatre welcomes participants with medical conditions, disabilities and/or additional support needs. In order that we can create a positive, safe, fun and educational experience for participants, it is important that we are fully aware of any medical condition, disability and/or special needs that participants may have.
  • It is important to stress that any information provided by you will be treated in the strictest confidence. Applicants will not be screened for any physical or learning ability.
  • Please provide complete and accurate information. This information will only be used for the benefit of the participant to create a positive and enjoyable experience while attending Scottish Youth Theatre activities.
Permission for the use of photographs and recorded images
  • While booking you will be asked to give us permission to use images of the participant for Scottish Youth Theatre promotional purposes. These may be used in publications, for training and archive purposes, online and digital media. 
  • Scottish Youth Theatre  recognises the need to ensure the welfare and the safety of all participants involved in its activities. As part of our commitment to ensure the safety of participants we will not permit photographs, video or other images of participants to be taken or used without the consent of the parents/guardians (where applicable) and the participant.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre will follow national guidance for the use of images of children and young people. Scottish Youth Theatre will also take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purpose for which they are intended, which is the promotion and celebration of the activity of the participants at Scottish Youth Theatre. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Scottish Youth Theatre immediately.
  • Please note that participants and audiences will not be allowed to take photographs and/or video during performances.
  • If at any time either the parent/guardian or the participant wishes the data to be removed from the website or from a publication, notice must be given to Scottish Youth Theatre in writing, after which the data will be removed within the appropriate timescales.
  • All Scottish Youth Theatre activities are intended to be productive and enjoyable for everyone attending. In order to ensure that all attending have an opportunity to participate fully.
  • Please observe the following guidelines. Participants should: Arrive on time for their class/course; Be appropriately dressed wearing loose comfortable clothing and footwear; Switch off their mobile telephone while in class; Follow instructions from Scottish Youth Theatre staff; Be courteous and polite to all; Behave sensibly and responsibly at all times being aware of their safety and the safety of others.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre will not tolerate bullying or any other form of abuse. We therefore reserve the right to remove/bar participants on the grounds of disruptive behaviour.
  • If you are unable to attend a class/course, please report this to Scottish Youth Theatre office (by calling 0141 552 3988) as soon as possible, so that this can be reported to the tutor/director and the class/course plan can therefore be adapted for the rest of the group.
Equal opportunities monitoring 
  • Scottish Youth Theatre welcomes a diverse population of staff and participants. It is committed to promoting equality in its activities and it aims to provide a performing, learning, teaching and working environment free from unlawful discrimination against applicants, staff and participants on the grounds of gender (actual or perceived), sexual orientation (actual or perceived), disability, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age and actual or perceived religious or similar belief.
  • In order to assist Scottish Youth Theatre in monitoring its equal opportunities policy, you are invited to provide information which will be kept in the strictest confidence.
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