FST Co. Blog 1: February 2017

Blog by Harriet 

 On Saturday the 28th of January the 2017, Family Storytime Company met for the first time. Still a little bleary eyed at our 10 am call and politely struggling to remember each other’s names we entered the Brian Cox Studio, our home for the next two days, to begin a whole year of interactive theatre-making.

I am going to admit now; I have pretty limited interactive theatre experience, especially for early years audiences. Usually, I am surrounded by scripts and sketches and most importantly: adults.  Polite, quiet, adults; applauding and laughing on cue. That was not my world anymore, which was made pretty clear from day one. After every theatre game and exercise we were asked to consider what would that be like for a child in our three to seven- year-old audience? What would it teach them? How could it be simpler? Simplifying was the vital skill we learned in those two days: both as storytellers and now, burgeoning science teachers thanks to our partnership this year with the Edinburgh International Science Festival. We will be taking to task much beloved bedtime stories and converting them into tales of scientific discovery.

But how do you explain gravity to a three-year-old? Well, after two days of games, writing songs, bouncing on imaginary beds and eating imaginary porridge I think we might be halfway to an answer!


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