FST Co. Blog 2: February 2017

Blog by Jen Athan

 Hi everyone! I’m Jen and I am one of the members of the Family Storytime Company. If you have been to see the performance of Goldilocks and the three bears I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next show, The Enormous Turnip. 

As Goldilocks and the three bears comes to a close I thought it might be interesting for me to talk about the process that happens behind the scenes and from watching the show as an audience member. For this production, myself and another member of the company took on the role of stage manager. This perhaps seems like an easy job. The position requires you to get props, find appropriate costumes, work on set design etc. However, little did I know how much stress and involvement the role would require. As a performer, I take for granted the amount of work the behind the scenes team do for us. Initially the task was quite fun. I spent hours finding costumes, meticulously choosing props for a 3-7 year old audience to play with and a range of other tasks. However, the week leading up to the show, I found myself covered in glitter and worrying so much about what our director would think of the colour schemes and design of the set. The experience definitely made me appreciate how hard everyone works behind the scenes in order to create an environment that works for the performers and the audience. 

After seeing the show for the first time with an audience, I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow cast who had created such a great show in such a small amount of time. It seemed almost bittersweet when I visited the show again for the final time in the Edwin Morgan Studio. I didn’t want it to end. The great memories of creating music and dialogue, to finding fur jackets that could turn little ones into scary bears. For now we say farewell to our Goldilocks story, but I am excited for the next chapter in our Family Storytime journey.  


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