Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions and Rules apply to all courses specific to Scottish Youth Theatre's Summer Festival.

We require participants and/or their guardians to read, understand and agree the following statement. You will be asked to state that you have done so when completing your booking form.

I declare that I know of no reason connected with the applicant's health why he/she should not take part in  Scottish Youth Theatre's Summer Festival. I declare that I take full financial responsibility for the course. I  understand that the running of Summer Festival Courses is subject to adequate participant numbers and that  Scottish Youth Theatre reserve the light to cancel any course. 



  • Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are on time for all rehearsals. You should be at the venue and ready to start on time.
  • No mobile phones allowed to be used during rehearsals at any Scottish Youth Theatre venues.
  • Participants should be appropriately dressed for rehearsals - wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear such as trainers.
  • Attendance at all rehearsal sessions is compulsory, unless you are instructed otherwise.
  • Participants should follow instructions given to them by any member of Scottish Youth Theatre staff as well as representatives of workshop, rehearsal and performance venues.
  • Participants are representatives of Scottish Youth Theatre and should behave accordingly being courteous and polite.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre does not tolerate bullying or any other form of abuse. This includes bullying online and via social networking sites.
  • Participants should behave sensibly and responsibly at all times, being aware of their safety and the safety of others.
  • Anyone under 18 years is strictly forbidden to buy or consume alcoholic drinks. No alcohol is allowed in any Scottish Youth Theatre venue. Participants aged over 18 must not supply younger participants with alcohol.
  • Smoking is illegal for under 18's and discouraged for older participants as it doesn't help the live performer. Smoking is not permitted in any of the Scottish Youth Theatre venues.
  • All participants are strictly forbidden to consume illegal substances.
  • Infringement of any of the above rules will be dealt with severely.  Scottish Youth Theatre, through the Artistic Director, retains the right to terminate the involvement of anyone whose behaviour is considered to be unsatisfactory or irresponsible.  If you are excluded, you have the right to appeal to the Scottish Youth Theatre Board of Directors, whose decision is final.
  • Please note: you should have full insurance cover for all personal possessions you bring with you. Scottish Youth Theatre will not be responsible for damage to, or theft of, participant's personal property during the Festival.
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