Blogging is a great, free and fun way raise funds for Summer Festival.

In 2011, a participant successfully raised £1800 towards flights, accommodation, and course fees - all by showcasing her fundraising efforts on her blog and then asking people to support these efforts by using a donate button.

Before you read on, please visit this link:

To raise funds for her Summer Festival experience, the participant successfully used their blog to:

  • Highlight the cause - the need to raise funds to take part in Scottish Youth Theatre’s Summer Festival.
  • Showcase fundraising efforts by uploading ‘engaging content’ – video clips, eye-catching images and regular blog posts (nearly all mobile phones have a built in camera, and many also have video cameras ... put them to good use!).
  • Enable people to make donations easily.
  • Thank publicly those who had made donations by adding their names to a prominent section of the blog.
  • Explain clearly why they wanted to take part in Summer Festival, what they would gain from the experience and to talk about their passion for performing in general.


Now make your own!

Using the links below you can make your own simple blog, and use it to raise funds for Summer Festival.

Here are some tips:

  • Set up your blog - we would recommend using Blogger or Wordpress. While you need to be aged 13+ to use these websites, we would always recommend working with your parent/guardian if you are under 18.
  • Promote your blog - if you have a Facebook and/or Twitter page, these are ideal places to post links to your blog every time you make a new post.
  • Keep people informed - sending email updates to everyone in your address book when you update is also quick and effective.

Remember - It is important to be clear on your blog why your asking for donations. Explain exactly where it is that the money you raise will be going.



Paypal is a website and a handy way to allow people to make donations online through your blog.

You must be 18 or over to have a PayPal account and you need a Paypal account to add a donate button. If you are under 18, ask if a parent or guardian would be willing to set up a Paypal account on your behalf.

The ‘click to donate’ button can be added to your blog as a widget.

Both Blogger and Wordpress have step by step guides on how to add this feature to your blog.

And ALWAYS thank those that donate.


Useful links:


Need help?

If you require any help or guidance on making your Summer Festival Fundraising Blog, the Scottish Youth Theatre's Marketing Team would be more than happy to help.




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