General Fundraising Ideas

Below are some suggestions of simple and effective ways that you can raise funds.

These suggestions will also provide you with blog content. You can record your efforts by making video clips and taking pictures to make interesting posts for your blog. This way you can show the wider world how serious you are about taking part in Summer Festival and how hard you are prepared to work make it happen!

PLEASE REMEMBER: when organising any fundraising events, it is important to check legal constraints beforehand. Always ensure that everyone knows exactly what they are donating money for and how you will benefit.

If you need any help or advice, contact Scottish Youth Theatre on 0141 552 3988 or at



Recycling is a part of everyday life, but it can be a bit of a chore.

Approach family, friends and neighbours and offer to take their recycling to the nearest recycling spot on a weekly basis. People are likely to respond well to this idea as everyone wants to help the environment. And you’ll be helping them as they help you.


Bag packing:

Many of the larger supermarkets have Community Engagement Officers, members of staff who are happy to work with people in the local community, often relating to charity work and fundraising. Contact your nearest (large) supermarket, ask for their Community Engagement Officer and see if they would be willing to let you and a group of friends pack bags over a weekend. If you’re feeling brave (or silly) do it in fancy dress – that way you’ll have better images for your blog.



No one likes it, everyone has to do it. Offer to take on the responsibility of ironing and washing dishes a few times a week for a fee until Summer Festival starts.


Car washing:

Likewise, car washing can be a pain. Why not see if the people on your street need their car washed, and put the money towards fees?


Fashion Show:

Arrange a fashion show, maybe even with items of clothing that you, your family and friends no longer use. Get creative! The show could have a theme, it could be a comedy fashion show and it could even happen in your own back (or front!) garden. Again, if you can pull something like this off, you will have excellent content for your blog.


Non uniform day:

Ask your school if you can hold a non-uniform day that would involve all pupils paying a small fee.


Organise a raffle:

In order for people to buy raffle tickets, you need to have good prizes. Approach local businesses that may be willing to donate items that you can then put ‘up for grabs’. Maybe family or friends would be willing to donate items, too.


Sponsored events:

This can be anything from staying awake, remaining silent, doing a sponsored run / swim / bike ride. If it seems challenging and / or is entertaining, people will be more likely to sponsor you. So think outside the box!

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