Local Press

Your local newspapers, whether free or sold, are great ways to inform the local community about your Summer Festival adventure and get your fundraising off the ground. There are a few ways that you can use a local paper to help your efforts:


Contact the news desk:

Phone the newspaper direct or email the news desk. You will be able to find contact details by searching online.

Explain about your acceptance to the course and ask if they would be willing to cover your success and help you fundraising, sponsorship or moneymaking ideas. They may be willing to arrange for a journalist and photographer to write a feature on your Summer Festival application success.


Send in a short press release:

Compose a short  piece of writing about making it through the audition process. Mention why you want to take part in Summer Festival, why you love performing and include some information about Scottish Youth Theatre. Also include plenty of information about the fundraising efforts you intend to carry out.

A nice, clear image of yourself to go with the piece will give it a stronger chance of going to print.


Letters Page

Write to the letters page to appeal for funds now that you have successfully passed your audition. Again include information about Scottish Youth Theatre, Summer Festival and fundraising, but try to keep it brief!


If any of the above seems a bit daunting, don't worry. The Marketing Team at Scottish Youth Theatre are here to help. Contact our Marketing Officer, Kyriakos Vogiatzis, on 0141 552 3988 or via email at kyriakos@scottishyouththeatre.org

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