Drafting Your Own Beginnings with James Ley

james ley discusses some of the key opportunities that helped develop his writing skills, whilst giving his own advice to aspiring playwrights.

Award-winning playwright James Ley sat down with us during our Playwriting Fundamentals masterclass to discuss his experiences developing his practice and career. During the intensive workshop, James took participants through some practical writing exercises to unlock fresh ideas, as well as exploring the themes and ideas within storytelling that excited them the most.

Within the interview, James tells us about his journey to becoming a professional playwright and some of the key opportunities that developed his skills to what they are today. James also shares some advice that every aspiring playwright needs to hear – so be sure to check out the video below if you’re looking for some tips to help you with your next writing venture!

You can download a transcript of the dialogue within the video here.

A very big thank you to James for his time and great advice! Be sure to follow him on X to keep up with everything he’s up to. Tell us more about what we should we be covering on Dialogue and what other industry professionals you would like to hear from by dropping us a message on our socials.