Grow Your Emerging Theatre Company

Want to start your own theatre company but unsure where to start?  

In this latest Dialogue post, co-founder of SKELF Theatre Co. (and Scottish Youth Theatre alumnus) Phoebe Byrne recounts her experience setting up an emerging theatre company and the many milestones and obstacles along the way. 

SKELF was established by 4 emerging theatre-makers based in Glasgow in 2018 and, in its five years of existence, they have grown and evolved their approach to running a successful theatre company. In the interview you’ll gather insights into what it takes to cultivate creative collaborations across the industry and the vital team members that keep the company thriving. You’ll also hear about the company touring their work internationally, alternative fringe festivals and how they maintain momentum within the Scottish theatre sector. This is a must-watch for those currently working in or thinking about starting their own theatre company!  

You can download a transcript of the dialogue within the video here.

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A very big thank you to Phoebe and the whole of SKELF for their time, incredible insights and access to their back catalogue to help make this video happen. Be sure to check out their most recent production ‘Three’s a Crowd’ and buy your tickets here for their premiere run of shows in January. 

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and X, as well their website to follow along with everything they are doing.  

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