Trajectories was a young artist development programme founded on community building, intersectional collaboration and mutual learning exchange.  

Across 10 weeks, 5 selected artists formed a collaborative learning community to explore the forms and ethics of their arts practice, supported by industry professionals, to make new work for in-person public audiences in July 2022. Each artist was furnished with a trainee bursary of £2000, access and wellbeing support, bespoke sessions with a creative mentor, dedicated time with a professional producer, professional development planning, a go-see fund, travel fund and their own production budget to spend on making their work. 


Take a look at photos and videos taken during the Trajectories End Event! 


The 5 artists engaged on the Trajectories programme were:


Hi, I'm Bethan, a 2021 Musical Theatre graduate. I'm a writer and performer based in Dumfries & Galloway. I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing opportunity and to get to work with fellow artists.

I'm Iman, a Scottish actress from Glasgow of South Asian heritage. I have 10 years of musical theatre experience and many short films under my belt. Most notably, I co-write and have featured in popular comedy YouTube sketches. I am looking forward to working with Scottish Youth Theatre to getting back on stage. 

I'm Julia, a creative activist, writer and dramaturg who enjoys highlighting inanimate nuance through performance. Be it bodies, branches or breath, I find immense agency in everyday things and dedicate my practice towards mind-opening interpretations of the commonplace. 

My work is collage on a grand scale, collating material from all directions – from the everyday to the mythological. Curious about both the connections and dissonances between things, I explore this through installation and performance in streets, parks, public transport and nightclubs.

I’m Michael Phillips (he/they), a theatremaker from the East End of Glasgow. I’m really interested in creating theatre which highlights less thought about social and cultural issues, with the aim to start conversations about these topics.


The Trajectories programme was in residence at Civic House in Glasgow, running through April, May and June with specialist workshops, creative investigations and learning sessions with professional artists every Tuesday and Wednesday. Find out more about Civic House and their work:


Civic House is a workspace and venue that supports a community of people working across social and cultural enterprise. Located in Speirs Locks, north Glasgow, they aim to provide space that stimulates ideas for a positive future for the city. Civic House supports work, events and learning around their three core themes: Cultural and Social Enterprise, Sustainability in Action and City Making.









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