2020 Stories: The View From Here

20 young writers across scotland.
20 PROFESSIONAL performers.
20 stories looking at 2020.

Date of Activity: April – June 2020
Location: Online
Age Range: 15-25

20 young writers, aged 15-25, from across Scotland’s intersections and geographies created brand new performance work in the early stages of the pandemic. The project became a collection of stories, poems, monologues and verbatim work that documented young people’s reflections of life, uncertainty and crisis during COVID-19 under national lockdown. All pieces were performed and recorded by professional actors under isolation, including Alan Cumming, Elaine C Smith, Johnny McKnight, Hiftu Quasem and Bill Paterson, amongst others. The works then premiered live on YouTube on 26 June 2020. You can watch the full recorded broadcast below…


Alex Zawalnyski
Danielle Shields
Cole Stewart
Daniel Cawley
Hugh MacDonald
Isobel Speirs
Jack MacGregor
Jamie Cowan
Josie Young
Juan Ipince
Keir Jarvie
Kirsty Shu
Mae Bohnert
Moayed Karar
Molly Wilson
Niamh Molloy
Phoebe Byrne
Rhuiri Hind
Shelley Midler
Violet Ptolomey


Alan Cumming
Andrew Still
Anna Russell-Martin
Bea Webster
Bill Paterson
Drew Taylor
Elaine C Smith
Fiona Wood
Glenna Morrison
Hiftu Quasem
Johnny McKnight
Kirsty Miller
Kirsty Pickering
Leah Byrne
Melanie Jordan
Raman Mundair
Roddy Gilkison
Tawona Sitholé
Toni Frutin

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