National Ensemble 2017 – Dye in the Goldfish Bowl

The inaugural scottish youth theatre national ensemble

Date of Activity: March – December 2017
Location: Dundee, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness
Age Range: 16-25

Performers dressed in grey stand in a line. Half have sacks over their heads while kneeling on the ground. The other performers stand there awaiting to remove the restrictive sacks
A group of performers  cover the floor of a black box theatre in various positions, some are kneeling, some are standing, some are lying down, some are leaning against one another. There is a black curtain in the background
Two lines of young people face one another with hands clasped in the centre, catching a young person jumping between them
Various performers lie, kneel, sit or stand on the floor of a black box theatre
A performer wearing a white boiler suit holds their arm outstretched in front of them, clasping a mobile phone while screaming. There are projected images on the wall behind, with shelving filled with pots/tins
A performer in a white boiler suit sits staring distressingly at the camera. Behind them a person in a smart grey suit and tie runs their hands through their hair.
A performer in a wheelchair has their back to the camera and watches a performer dressed in overalls in the background mime singing into a broom passionately

The goldfish can’t see the water in the bowl.

Add dye to that water and everything becomes clear…

Dye in the Goldfish Bowl was a piece influenced by the world inhabited by the young theatre makers who formed the first National Ensemble. In a seemingly ordinary warehouse, a group of strangers are assembled and detained; do they remain united in the dividing force of authority?

The company of 23 young people aged 16-25 were selected from over 140 applicants. They met on a monthly basis to work with skilled practitioners, exploring a range of theatre practice including movement, dance, writing and directing.

The performance took place at a small warehouse in Glasgow, kindly donated by Simon Community Scotland.

“Because of the huge differences in opportunities within local authority areas,we all have such different learning and experiences and so the thoughts and contributions and processes of each member is totally unique. this makes collaborating incredibly exciting because you never know what someone is going to come up with next!

Grace Green, Ensemble Member
A cast of performers sit and stand against banked seating in a black box theatre with bright light reflecting off their faces


Allan Othieno
Amy Curran
Annie Bowes
Daniel Webb
Eilidh Thomson
Ellie Hughes
Finlay Avison
Finlay Cassie
Fredrika Siden Cruz
Grace Green
Hana Mackenzie
Hannah Cumming
Holly Archibald
Katee McCulloch
Leona Craig
Matthew O’Hara
Maya Coates
Michael Dallas
Rosie Hart
Sean O’Brien
Stephen Quinn
Thais Ramdani

Creative Team

David Cosgrove – Co-writer
Kenny Miller – Designer
Mary McCluskey – Director
Ross Brown – Composer
Tony Peaker – Technical Director

Associated organisations
Simon Community Scotland
Simon Community Scotland

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