A group of young people sit on a wooden floor. The person in the centre of the image is wearing a pink jumper and hugs their knees to their chest, looking up to a person sat on a chair just out of shot to the left.

BECOME a trainee artist co-delivering workshops ABOUT devising and collaborative theatre. be mentored by a professional artist to develop your facilitation and direction skills.

Scottish Youth Theatre is seeking an early career artist aged 18-25 to support the delivery of Shapeshift Aberdeen. The project comprises a week-long intensive course of workshops for local young theatre-makers (aged 17-25) to enhance their devising and theatre-making skills. As the Trainee Artist, your role will be to co-deliver the week with the Lead Artist, supporting the group as they explore different ways into devising theatre, leading to a light touch sharing at His Majesty’s Theatre Studio for an invited audience. 

Continuing Scottish Youth Theatre’s working model of offering trainee opportunities to early-career young artists, the Trainee Artist will be supported by the Shapeshift Lead Artist and by Scottish Youth Theatre’s producing team to learn more about project planning, workshop facilitation, directing and devising.

If you are a young artist pursuing a career in theatre-making and facilitating, this is an exciting opportunity to work with an experienced creative and gain an insight into new making and directing techniques.

This role would suit a young artist who: 

  • Is actively seeking further professional opportunities within the arts  
  • Has experience in and a passion for creating devised theatre  
  • Has some experience of workshop facilitation  
  • Is a good listener, who can respond to and support others within a workshop setting 

We welcome applications from young artists across Scotland and are particularly keen to hear from people with a connection to Aberdeen and the North East. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered if the successful applicant does not live locally to Aberdeen.

Scottish Youth Theatre places its values at the centre of its work. The work we produce must be creatively adventurous, collaborative, and be full of care and integrity. The artists we work with need to reflect those values in the workshops and performances, as well as in meetings with the production team and partners. 

This is a traineeship with an attached bursary of £750. As a trainee, you must commit to a minimum of 6 days on the project, which includes 5 days delivery, training and prep time.

Applications To become the Trainee Artist have now closed. We are currently working through the submissions and will be in touch with all applicants soon.  

Shapeshift Aberdeen is produced by Scottish Youth Theatre in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts, NESCOL and Aberdeen Arts Centre, and supported by Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding.