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When Life Gives You Limens is a podcast series from Scottish Youth Theatre exploring the often ominous ‘in-between’ space that young artists frequently tend to find themselves. As a team of artists, producers and general creatives ourselves, we know that establishing your practice in the industry is an increasingly demanding challenge due to the restrictions posed by funding, opportunity, access and space. This podcast helps create that space, offering current and past participants from our projects the chance to gather around a ‘table’, reflect on and discuss these recurring entanglements as they make the first vital steps in their creative careers. 

Each episode encounters a new theme, initiating an open discussion between the artists, producers, writers and theatre-makers involved about what that state of ‘in-between’ is, where they think obstacles may lie and, ultimately, how new and exciting work can be made from it. 

The idea for this podcast was born from RESURGENCE Recommends, which was a mini-series of conversations between artists and practitioners involved in the cross-industry collaborative project RESURGENCE, produced by Scottish Youth Theatre throughout 2021. RESURGENCE was a creative inquiry into the public concern of inequality, to support the recovery and renewal of youth arts provision as it emerged from the pandemic. From the beginning, this mini-series looked to encompass all the unique voices collaborating in the project, giving young artists as well as individuals from partner organisations Intercultural Youth Scotland, Pure Potential Scotland, International Teaching Artist Collaborative, The Indra Congress and Youth Theatre Arts Scotland a space to reflect on their own intersectional perspectives as they led a project on changemaking within the creative industries. 

Since then, as an organisation, we have been thinking a lot about how our programme gives space for young artists to learn and grow and, importantly, gives voice to their passions, concerns and experiences. And the podcast felt like the perfect medium to open that dialogue. 

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