Discovering devising – A Vlog from Shapeshift Aberdeen

A whirlwind week of devising, experimentation and collaboration lead to participants on Shapeshift Aberdeen walking away with a fresh perspective of what theatre could be. 

The project brought together 20 young local artists who were eager to learn more about how to make theatre from scratch. Spearheaded by Lead Artist Sally Charlton and Trainee Artist Annabel Lunney – during a rather blustery week at His Majesty’s Theatre – the group were guided through a series of workshops and worked together to create a new short piece of theatre that was shared to a small audience at the end of the project.  

In our most recent Dialogue post, Scratching the Surface of a Devising Process, Sally discusses some of the practices that inspired the exercises from throughout the week, including physical theatre, creative adaptation, autobiographical work and multimedia performance. The workshops helped shape a safe and creative space, where participants weren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore new techniques that they hadn’t experienced before with one another.

“The project completely changed my idea of what theatre was, or what it could be!”

Participant on Shapeshift Aberdeen

As well as exploring entry points into devising, part of the week included sessions led by our very own Creative Producer Annie, focusing on the producing journey of new work. Taking an idea from the rehearsal room to in front of an audience, and the basics of budgeting, pitching, application writing, and opportunity spotting.  

In the vlog below, hear from Annabel talking about the benefits of being a Trainee on a Scottish Youth Theatre project, as well as project participants Josh and Nathan reflecting on what they learnt during their time on Shapeshift Aberdeen.  

You can download a transcript of the dialogue within the video here.