2020 Stories Part Two

A writers’ development project reflecting on A year like no other.

Date of Activity: October 2020 – January 2021
Location: Online
Age Range: 16-25

2020 Stories Part Two is a timely collection of work by young writers from across Scotland. Responding creatively to the moment we found ourselves in during 2020, each piece looked back unflinchingly at the year and tried to imagine a future as yet unknown. In association with Playwrights’ Studio Scotland, 20 young writers were recruited and received bespoke mentorship from leading professional writers: Lewis Hetherington, Leyla Josephine, Hannah Lavery, Raman Mundair and Martin O’Connor. Developed throughout the project, the pieces they wrote were then taken into rehearsal with director Sally Reid and a cohort of professional actors, creating a rich assemblage of new writing in Scotland.

The 2020 Stories Part Two collection can be watched as a playlist of short films on our YouTube channel. The material included is advised for a 14+ audiences. Please see each individual piece for content advisory warnings.

Watch one by one. Watch them all. Find your own way to watch.


Allan Othieno
Andrew Gallagher
Bluey Little
Bronwyn Dickson
Calum Moore
Catherine Tausney
Catherine Wilson
Emma Ruse
Fraser Scott
Goose Masondo
GR Greer
Kate Ireland
Kate Stevens
Katie Wightman
Kayleigh MacDonald
Matthew Midgett
Mitchell Robertson
Padraic Riddle
Rose Sharkey
Sophie Wink


Afton Moran
Andrew Still
Benny Young
Brian Ferguson
Cindy Awor
Dani Heron
Fiona MacNeil
Fiona Wood
Giga Gray
Hannah Jarrett Scott
Jo Clifford
Linda McLaughlin
Maureen Carr
Ramesh Meyyappan
Rebecca Wilkie
Richard Conlon
Sarah Ord
Sheila Grier
Thierry Mabonga


Sally Reid – Director
Hannah Lavery – Writing Mentor
Leyla Josephine – Writing Mentor
Lewis Hetherington – Writing Mentor
Raman Mundair – Writing Mentor
Martin O’Connor – Writing Mentor

Partner Organisations

Playwrights’ Studio Scotland

Supported by
Creative Scotland

John Thaw Foundation

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