Generator Sessions

OFFERING OPTIMISM and connection; what is the new theatre world that you want to make?

Date of Activity: October – November 2020
Location: Online
Age Range: 14-25

Scottish Youth Theatre is acutely aware of the challenges that continue to challenge the theatre sector, forcing many young artists to question their pursuit of a career in the arts as a truly viable option. Generator sought to offer optimism and connection, asking what is the new theatre world young people want to make?

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening throughout October and November 2020, young artists were invited to engage in creative conversations to learn, unlearn, discuss and create new ways of thinking and working in their arts practice. Led by industry professionals across three key strands – Toolkit, Allyship and Intersections – these workshops and panel discussions explored anti-racism, feminist futures, queerness, accessibility, fundraising, producing and digital theatre, amongst many.

Session Facilitators

Aby Watson
Briana Pegado
Gareth Nicholls
Karen Allan
Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir
Leonie Rae Gasson
Lou Brodie
Melanie Jordan
Miss Jay Woods
Niroshini Thambar
Ryan Hay
Sandy Thomson
Sarah Hopfinger
Sarah McAdam
Shauna Macdonald

Supported by
Creative Scotland

CMS Charitable Trust

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