National Ensemble 2020 Part Two

Take our hand, jump in, sink below and see the truth from beneath.

Date of Activity: October – December 2020
Location: Online, Across the UK
Age Range: 18-25

Under national lockdown, the 2020 National Ensemble reimagined and performed a live, site-specific performance called Once You See the Smoke online, investigating climate justice. Building on that success, the Ensemble returned to develop a new production which began to interrogate the devastating displacement of people in relation to climate justice. The process explored the conditions that would force someone to be displaced and what our role and responsibility is here in Scotland. It became a provocation, a warning and a call to action for both the artists and the production’s audience. But it also existed as an experiment in connection and in the evolving relationship to digital space as artists and activists.

Drip//Slick//Spill was a digital mini-series of live performances – each episode taking place on a futuristic social media platform called Under/Current, specifically designed for the series. Rewatch the full performances by visiting our YouTube channel.

“I think it’s a really important time to be doing this show because no matter how distant some of the issues or some of the experiences that we talk about may seem, at the heart of it there’s separation and anger and isolation, and those are things that I think are really present in our minds at the moment.”

Abby Ferguson, Young Director
Watch the full episodes via the Drip//Slick//Spill YouTube playlist


Calum Philp
Christina Craven
Gemma Legan
Gregor Kennedy
Hannah Nimmo
Leon Ellis
Rebecca Tierney
Victoria Kennedy

Abby Ferguson – Young Director
Ava Hickey – Young Director

Creative Team

Melanie Jordan – Director
Zoë Bullock – Digital Creative Consultant
Adam Bowers – Production Manager
Fergus Dunnet – Designer
Chaya Gupta – Sound Composer
Louisa McDaid – Closed Captioning

Supported by
Creative Scotland Open Fund:
Sustaining Creative Development

Nimar Charitable Trust

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