Now You See Me: Younger Seeds

Driving poetry and spoken word performance.

Date of Activity: October – November 2020
Location: Online
Age Range: 14-17

Watch the full series of short narrative films on our YouTube channel

Since October 2019, Scottish Youth Theatre has partnered with RCS Transitions to give a platform to young Black artists and people of colour. Now You See Me: Younger Seeds was the next phase of this partnership, existing as a collaboration between young artists and Seeds of Thought – the music, poetry and art collective – in the development of poetic and spoken word performances through the latter half of 2020.

Working alongside poet and musician Tawona Sitholé and Project Manager Raisah Ahmed, the young artists authored and co-created new performance work, culminating in an online series of short, narrative films. The full Now You See Me: Younger Seeds series can be watched on our YouTube channel, or directly via video above.

“And that is my art, When I can just… be.
That is my art.”

Chaya Gupta, Younger Seed


Allan Othieno
Chaya Gupta
Christina Craven
Shaaray Sharif

Creative Team

Tawona Sitholé – Lead Artist
Raisah Ahmed – Project Manager

RCS Transitions

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