Making Space Online Festival

A curation of new digital performances intersecting theatre and the internet.

Date of Activity: January – March 2021
Location: Online
Age Range: 18-25

Making Space is Scottish Youth Theatre’s residency project for young artists ready to drive their own creative practice. Over 3 months we supported 21 residencies (a combination of solos, duos, trios and new collaborations) from a wide range of arts practices to engage in bespoke artistic development and make cross artform work for an innovative online festival. The young artists considered the sustainability of digital theatre in the future and their identities within it, through gaming, storytelling, e-performance and interactive media, looking at new ways of using digital platforms for live and recorded performances in 2021.

The Making Space Online Festival was co-curated and delivered by Scottish Youth Theatre and a team of Young Producers. The Young Producer trainee programme extended Scottish Youth Theatre’s ongoing commitment to young emerging artists and their practices within the industry. Each Young Producer explored their critical and creative thinking in a digital-learning environment; whilst incorporating practical training in festival programming, events management, audience development, scheduling and budgeting.

“Congratulations to everyone sharing work in the amazing Making Space Online Festival and to everyone who supported it. So uplifting to witness such immense creativity and passion.”

Prof. Deirdre Heddon


Bishop May Down
Gemma Legan
Goose Masondo
Isla Cowan
Keir Aitken
Kirsty Florence
Padraic Riddle
Sean Patrick McNamara
Sophie Michelle
Jennifer Galt
Marnie Russell
Bethany Tennick
Fraser Scott
Iona Ramsay
Abbey Adams
Emily Briggs
Kate Ireland
Liam Alexander Brown
Lucy Wilson
Niamh McCarron
Bo Hogan

Creative Team

Arron Greechan – Young Producer
Catherine Tausney – Young Producer
Fin Ross Russell – Young Producer
Phoebe Byrne – Young Producer
Tanatsei Gambura – Young Producer

Amy Watt – Mentor
Gemma Nicol – Mentor
Jay Woods – Mentor
John Kielty – Mentor
Lewis Sherlock – Mentor
Nathan Byrne – Mentor
Niroshini Thambar – Mentor
Ruxandra Cantir – Mentor
Sarah Rose Graber – Mentor
Zoë Bullock – Mentor

Adam Bowers – Digital Production Manager
Fraser MacLeod – Website Editor
Louisa McDaid – Live Captioner

Associated Organisations

Pure Potential Scotland

Funded/Supported by
Creative Scotland
The Foyle Foundation

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