Now You See Me

A partnership project with rcs transitions using digital collaboration to connect communities and artists.

Date of Activity: May 2019
Location: East Lothian, Glasgow, Shetland
Age Range: 14-25

Residing in 3 geographical locations across Scotland, aspiring, emerging and experienced artists who are people of colour explored and shared practice in film-making, music production, spoken word and new writing. Each location created a digital output which informed further new work.

“I was particularly keen [to be part of Now You See Me] because young people of colour in Shetland haven’t had a voice – actually ever – so it was quite ground-breaking in that there has been a focus on their lived experience in Shetland.”

Raman Mundair, Lead Artist

Creative Team

Raisah Ahmed – Project Manager
Bigg Taj – Lead Artist
Lucas Chih-Peng Kao – Lead Artist
Raman Mundair – Lead Artist

Partnered with and supported by
RCS Transitions

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