Stories & Spaces

Crafting approaches to performance.

Date of Activity: January 2023
Location: Mull
Age Range: 14 – 17

Scottish Youth Theatre and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Widening Access. Working in partnership to reach young people in rural and island communities.

Stories & Spaces was a free opportunity for young people in Scotland’s rural and island communities interested in growing their theatre and wider artistic skills. The programme offered different approaches to performance-making through a creative exploration of young people’s stories and spaces. 

A two-day workshop, led by a team of creative professionals, guided 20 young participants from Mull Youth Theatre through installation-making, site-specific storytelling, photography, lighting and sound design. This exploration culminated in an installation that was exhibited at An Tobar for 2 weeks at the end of January and beginning of February. 50 people from the local community visited the installation on the first day – creating a space where everyone was invited to help shape the future exchange of stories and ideas between young people living in rural communities in Scotland.  

You can see more photos from the weekend’s workshops and installation on our Flickr.

creative team

Jack Wrigley – Artist and Photographer
Jesse Paul – Lead Artist and Head of Fair Access at RCS
Laurie Paul – Artist and Lighting Designer
Tawona Sitholé – Artist and Poet

RCS Widening Access

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