Shapeshift Aberdeen was a week-long series of workshops and learning sessions run by Scottish Youth Theatre for young theatre-makers based in Aberdeen.

If you have a passion for creating theatre and learning how to make it happen for yourself, this project is for you! Taking place from 16 – 20 October at His Majesty’s Theatre Studio, you will be part of a group of 20 young people working with an experienced Lead Artist and aspiring Trainee Artist. Through the week you will explore innovative approaches to devising theatre and making work from scratch. 

It is inspired by conversations we had with young artists and local arts organisations during our Encounters tour, where we were told about a lack of opportunities for artists aged 18+ who are interested in exploring devised theatre. The advantage of devised theatre-making is that you don’t need an established company or infrastructure to make it work, so you can create exciting theatre anywhere, with anyone. Through artistic workshops, Q&As and learning sessions led by experienced members of the SYT team, Shapeshift Aberdeen will provide you with the skills you need to kickstart your career and navigate the industry, and you will come out equipped with a devising toolkit that you can rely on. 

“I found this set of workshops very inspiring… It’s a space where we could share skills with each other and test new things out.”

Participant during Encounters Tour

Throughout the week on Shapeshift, you will: 

  • Learn about new theatre-making techniques by collaborating with a professional artistic team 
  • Develop your performance skills  
  • Develop unique workshop audition skills  
  • Co-create a new piece of theatre with a diverse group of artists  over 5 days 
  • Perform a scratch piece to an invited audience at His Majesty’s Theatre Studio on the Friday  
  • Gain bespoke learning through ‘information sessions’, focused on fundraising, being a freelancer and marketing your own work   
  • Attend an exclusive Q&A with the cast and crew of The Maggie Wall, with the chance to ask about the production and their roles within it  
  • Receive free tickets to see The Maggie Wall at Aberdeen Arts Centre on 19/10/23 

The project is intended to support your agency as an artist and provide you with space to creatively stretch, so come with an open mind and an eagerness to try new things.

THERE ARE NO LONGER ANY PLACES AVAILABLE ON SHAPESHIFT ABERDEEN. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING EVERYONE WHO SIGNED UP NEXT WEEK! Please check your emails for information about the week’s schedule and to fill out the access questionnaire.

Shapeshift Aberdeen is produced by Scottish Youth Theatre in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts, NESCOL and Aberdeen Arts Centre, and supported by Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding.