Dragon eggs, seashells and pizza boxes – a journey of stories and spaces…

Stories & Spaces was primarily about young people getting the opportunity to explore different ways of telling stories… their stories. Whether this was narrating tales of their own lives through shells they had collected from the beach, untangling magical myths around dragon eggs and takeaway pizzas, or lamenting memories of their favourite teachers in school, this marvellous patchwork of stories threaded together seamlessly into a multi-artform installation at An Tobar in Mull, at the end of the project in January 2023.  

After a weekend of creative workshops led by a team of inspiring artists and designers, the young people then began to imagine how the stories they had created could be presented to the public in exciting and performative ways. Hanging polaroids, atmospheric lighting, ethereal soundscapes and cyanotype prints suspended throughout the hall started to create its own dialogue for visitors to get lost in, while also being invited to contribute to the growing bank of creative writing formed over the weekend.  

Not only did the young participants welcome in more than 50 visitors to their installation over the 2 weeks it was displayed at An Tobar, but they also managed to create a hotbed of ideas and conversation, connecting the stories of teenagers, artists and the people of Mull alike. But don’t take our word for it – check out the great film edited by Alasdair Satchel that documents the project, catching a glimpse into what the young people worked on over the weekend and how they constructed the final installation: 

To find out a little more about the project and the artists that were involved, check out the Stories & Spaces page.